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Aquaculture Designs

Chinampas: When Hernando Cortes and his men entered the Basin of Mexico in 1519, they found the natives employing a unique agricultural system. This method of farming, which still persists today, consists of land reclamation through the construction of chinampas in marshy areas and shallow lakes. As the farmers or chinamperos dig out canals in the lakebed, they pile the mud which they are scooping out atop sedges and reeds. These constructed mounds, which are surrounded by water on at least three sides, are chinampas and serve as the garden plots in which the people grow their crops. Homes are also constructed atop the chinampas. Each chinampa, or “floating garden” as they have been erroneously described, is between fifteen and thirty feet คาสิโนออนไลน์ wide and 300 feet long and is no more than a few feet above the water level (Coe 1964). Posts or woven vines and branches hold the sides of the chinampa plots in place. Chinamperos also plant willow trees (Salix) on chinampa edges to prevent erosion. The word chinampa is derived from the Nahuatl words chinamitl which means “‘an enclosed bed surrounded by cane or stakes’” and pan which translates to “‘on or above the surface’” (Moriarty 1969).

Also, for download: some older accounts of Chinampas.

AND a whole video on the chinampas of Xochimilco, Mexico City (which you can see very clearly on google earth!):
Some members of the NEPC community are also working on translating an 80-page chinampa how-to external image arrow-10x10.png that was brought back from Mexico - contact AppleSeed Permaculture if you'd like to collaborate on the translation from spanish to english.

"Global Energy Peak: Threat or Opportunity?"
David Holmgren's PowerPoint Presentation from summer 2005 world tour!
(Please acknowlegde his generosity in sharing, and give proper credit.
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Anti-Oppression/Inclusiveness Resources
This link is here to help the northeast permaculture movement better understand the ways in which age, race, sex, gender, ability, class, sexual orientation and other factors can be approached to ensure dignity, respect, justice and accountability in our movement.
It links to the Anti-Oppression Resources page of School of the America's Watch. It has many links, articles and resources on the topics of understanding and challenging oppression and privilege in our lives, our communities and the projects and movements of which we are a part. Please learn about SOAW and the good work that they do while you're on their Ruby888 site.

Northeast Applications of Permaculture at D Acres of NH Video This 40 minute video shot over four seasons is a brief synopsis of the Permaculture applications utilized at D Acres. Renewable energy, food preservation, animal husbandry, forest gardening, no-till agricuture, cottage industry,compost toilets, root cellars and greenhouses are highlighted. Video is available to the public and as programming on your local cable access channel, contact www.dacres.org for more info.
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