Pemigawassett River Watershed

D Acres
Streeter Woods Rd, Dorchester 603.786.2366
- Offers apprenticeship, internship, employment, workshops events and fine wooden crafts
- website:
- Events include potlucks on solstices, equinox and full moons, and pancake breakfast open house the first sunday of every month

About Us:

D evelopment
A imed at
C reating
R ural
E cological
S ociety

D Acres was founded in 1997. The mission of the organization is to function as an educational center that researches, applies and teaches skills of sustainable living and small-scale organic farming. Striving to improve the human relationship to the environment, the center functions as a demonstration farm to role model exemplars of healthy living. Sharing a communal living situation, individuals come to respect and share values of interdependence and love of nature. In addition, the organization supports educational activities directed toward improving the quality of life of residents and the larger community. Our intentions are to:

  • develop a farm system sustainable and suitable to this climate to act as a demonstration and experimental model;
  • increase consciousness about people’s impact on the environment by limiting our consumption of fossil fuels and other resources; reducing, reusing, recycling; as well as emphasizing local and onsite production and consumption;
  • develop skills as a group to problem solve, organize and pursue an agreed agenda;
  • interact with and contribute to the community at large providing goods, services and educational opportunities while representing the vision of the organization;
  • provide a training center for development of skills related to organic farming, forestry, landscaping, eco-friendly construction and cottage crafts;
  • and develop personal and group skills to improve economic viability through “cottage style” industry.

The name of the farm was created to respectfully acknowledge the gift of the land. Aunt e”D”ith and uncle “D”elbert moved to Dorchester in 1948. They provided a tradition of living and working with the land. Edith taught early American decorative painting and was an accomplished artist and crafter. Deb worked in blacksmithing, woodworking, animal husbandry and gardening for food.

D Acres aims to combine the benefits of tradition and technology to improve the health of the planet and its inhabitants

Lamoille River Valley

Prospect Rock Permaculture

Prospect Rock Permaculture is a growing edible forest garden, ecological homestead, and education center in Johnson along the Lamoille River. We strive to demonstrate and educate about permaculture using whole system design, appropriate technology, and biodynamic growing techniques. We are combining reforestation and ecological restoration with healthy food production. We grow seed with High Mowing Organic Seeds, keep bees and wild craft medicinal plants for Honey Gardens Apiaries, and also work researching and educating about biodiesel. Be in touch for updates about classes, workshops, tours, and internship or apprentice opportunities.

Contact: Keith Morris 802 734 1129

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