Massachusetts Permaculture

**Calendar of Events** Click here to view the events, carryings-on, and cavorting of people interested in Permaculture in Western Massachusetts.

The Permaculture Guild of Western Massachusetts:

The Permaculture Guild of Western Massachusetts external image arrow-10x10.png permaculture events in the region and provides ways for folks interested in permaculture to gather, share skills & ideas and inspire each other. To learn more about what these folks and others are doing in Western MA check out this email list serve:

Participate in the Western MA Permaculture Meetup Group:

Guild News:

Guild Steering Committee:

There is no current steering committee.

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes: Beginning in August of Royal1688 2008, the Steering Committee has committed to posting its meeting minutes on this wiki. Follow the link below for the latest and archived minutes:
October 2008 Minutes
August 2008 Minutes

Demonstration Sites:

Nuestras Raices, Holyoke, MA

Paradise Lot, Jonathan Bates and Eric Toensmeier, Holyoke, MA
With over 200 species of useful and edible perennial and annual plants. We'd love for you to visit us if you're in the area. Contact Jonathan at or go to

We are the site of:
-Two businesses: Food Forest Farm and Perennial Solutions
-Our site has hosted 1000's of people over the last 6 years through tours, workshops, nursery sales, consultations, gatherings, conferences, teach ins, and work parties.
-We love visitors so come see this amazing, fast maturing, fruit-full, example of an edible forest garden in action, in the city!

UMass Amherst, (Franklin Dining Commons) Permaculture Garden - 260 Stockbridge Rd, Amherst, MA
One of the first student-led university permaculture gardens in the nation that supplies food to the dining commons. Visitors welcome.
-Documentary video:
-FB page:!/UMassPermaculture
-Twitter: rmacultr
-Request a tour here
-Contact email:

Tripple Brook Farm -Southampton, MA

Hickory Gardens, Jono Neiger and Kemper Carlsen 163 Rattlesnake Gutter Rd. Leverett, MA Holiday Palace
- Perennial Plantings, Hedgerow, tree crops
- Forest Garden
- Terraced Slope
- Rainwater Catchment Pond
- Kiwi vineyard
- Chicken forage system
- 3 acres, old house under renovation
Visitors Welcome
Contact Jono

Hickory Gardens, 2004 Before a lot of site work. Terraces and pond

Kiwi arbor with black locust posts

The Pink Palace- Holyoke, MA, Lisa DePiano and Javiera Benavente
Urban Site, 1/10th of an acre
contact: Mobile Design Lab

-Remediation of lead soils using raised beds and binding with compost/topsoil
-Gravity fed rainwater outdoor sink and shower into greywater plantings
-Hugelkutlur, Sheet Mulched beds with micro orchard and forest garden
-Successful crab apple to apple graft
-Natural building: plaster and locally milled rot resistant wood
-Tiny off grid house w/ small scale solar
-Water features, permiable paving/depaving, pond, rain catchment, rain gardens

Birch Brook Farm - Shelburne, MA
- PC site in progress
- No-till gardens
- Beginning of Forest Garden
- Animal Integrated Greenhouse in the works

Visitors always welcome!
Contact Abigail:

Nutwood Farm - Cummington, MA
7 acre hazelnut and chestnut regenerative agroforesty farm

-Contour swale earthworks (1.5 acres+)
-Hedgerows/alleycropping with rotational grazing pasture management system
-Mixed perennial fruit and nut (incl. seaberry, honeyberry, medlar, jujube, paw paw and persimmon)
-Passive solar timber frame straw bale home w/ geodesic greenhouse (under construction)

Sara Tower and Kalyan Uprichard

Bioshelter, Amherst, MA
Aquaculture, hydroponic produce production

CISA, Community In Support of Agriculture
South Deerfield, MA

Pioneer Valley Sustainability Inventory

Sirius Community, Shutesbury, MA

PermAgra Trust
Hollistic Conservation Ecology - Permaculture & Agriculture
Essex, MA
Edible Forest Trails Project
Matching - Land & Managers
Sustainable Design

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Name of Demonstration Site

Permaculture Elements Demonstrated (e.g. Rainwater Catchment, Composting Toilet, Garden, No-till Gardening, etc.)
Design/Plan of Site
General Description of Site
[Specific Description of Permaculture Elements Demonstrated]
Contact Info: Website, email, phone
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