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www.greenerminds.com- sustainable living in Western New York (Lower Genesee watershed, Rochester, NY)

ITHACA FOREST FARM 835 Conlon Road, Ithaca, NY (not a mailing address)
2007: Purchased land !!!
2008: Planted a few Black Currants, Gooseberries, Juneberries (Serviceberries) and one Kentucky Coffee Tree. Removed hundreds of invasive, non-native European Buckthorns and Tartarian Honeysuckle shrubs. Constructed woodland trails. Removed dead trees for a future windmill site. Removed alot of old trash and debris. Cleared field edge of fallen tress. Installed driveway entrance and gravel parking area and put up a farm sign.
2009: We'll be on the land in part of July-August to remove more invasives and to plant more forest farm edibles. Also stone bench and table construction. Call if you want to visit at that time - 863-263-2331 (mobile phone). We are on a shoestring budget, but are very dedicated.
2010 PLANS: To plant named nut varieties, groundnuts, fiddleheads, shade tolerant berries and more.
SITE: Two woodlands totaling five acres, plus a field that is two acres. Seven acres in total. Small stream. No buildings or facilities yet. Bordered on three sides by 400+ acres of the Howser Conservation Easement Land which is protected from development. Self-guided nature trails include lovely, mature, fruiting Black Walnuts as well as some fruiting Butternuts and Hickories. Also Sugar Maple and fruiting Nannyberries (Wild Raisins). Many useful trees including American Hornbeam, American Hophornbeam, Quaking Aspen, Wild Black Cherry, Ash, Canadian Serviceberry, Gray Dogwood, Black Willow, Oak, Pine, American Basswood, Hawthorn, Eastern Red Cedar, Box Elder, Tulip Tree, etc. Many native wild medicinals are on the property including my favorite, the Great Blue Lobelia.
NOTE: We want to visit demonstrations of forest farming in New York state, no matter how small, so please let me know if you are open to visitors.
WEBSITE: bamboogrovefarm.com (go to the bottom of the homepage for photos).
E-MAIL: andyfirk@yahoo.com
PHONE: Andy Firk, 863-993-3228 (In Florida, at Bamboo Grove, our organic winter homestead)

2010 Upstate NY Permaculture Gathering

external image info.gifPermaculture beginners and aficionados alike are invited to come together for the 2010 Upstate NY Permaculture Gathering.
Saturday, March 13, 2010 9:30am - 5pm The Gear Factory, 200 S. Geddes St, Syracuse, NY This event is a regional scaled event designed to foster networking, coordination, and learning among the Permaculture and homesteading communities of Upstate New York. Permaculture is a whole-systems approach to community and landscape design that integrates regenerative agriculture techniques in order to meet human and animal needs in development projects to allow for more self-sufficient living.

The event will include an Open Space attendee directed agenda, a stone soup lunch, a 'zine created on site, childcare activities, and special presentations by LIndsay Speer, Andrew Leslie Phillips, Scott Kellogg, and Jason Eaton.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO RSVP ON OUR MEETUP SITE. Your RSVP is appreciated as it helps with planning for food, childcare activities, and space planning and setup.

The Gathering will:

• Provide an introductory understanding of Permaculture to the resident, business, and activist communities of Syracuse.
• Provide a continuing education opportunity for Permaculture, intentional community, and homesteading related knowledge.
• Have a positive economic, social, ecological, and spiritual impact on Syracuse and Upstate New York.
• Continue the efforts of the Finger Lakes Permaculture Network 2009 Winter Consulta held in Ithaca, NY

This mission will be accomplished in a professional and financially responsible manner that is in the best interest of all participants.
Feature sessions include:
  • "Green Infrastructure for the Health of Onondaga Creek" - Lindsay Speer, Permaculture Designer and Community Organizer
  • "Introduction to Permaculture" - Andrew Leslie Phillips, Founder of Hancock Permaculture Center
  • "Financial Permaculture" - Jason Eaton,Financial Advisor at Social Thread
  • "Permaculture and Social Justice: Integrated Struggles", Scott Kellogg, Primary Instructor of R.U.S.T. (Radical Urban Sustainability Training)

This is a free event, no one will be turned away, goodwill donations will be accepted.
This event is also endorsed by The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute, Better Farm, Syracuse Peace Council, Capital District Permaculture Guild, Hancock Permaculture Center, Greening USA, The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, and Syracuse Grows.