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Calendar of Events 2009

with Andrew Jones, Ethan Roland,
Mark Krawczyk, Rafter Sass and Kay Cafasso alongside a NATURALIST IMMERSION PROGRAM for Children
Sponsored by Green Phoenix Permaculture and Sowing Solutions
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WHERE: Camp Epworth Retreat Center & Permaculture Demonstration SIte, High Falls, NY2 hours north of New York City, 15 minutes from the Trailways Bus station in Rosendale.PERMACULTURE is a set of tools and a process for designing a way to live sustainably within our ecosystems and our communities. It is based on observing nature and making connections across disciplines and over history, with the goal of meeting human needs, while leaving the earth healthier and more abundant for future generations.

A unique opportunity for families. While adults participate in a permaculture design course, children explore the natural world around them. An autumn to spring program which allows an opportunity to experience both programs through 3 seasons. Children ages 7 through 12 will be accepted. Permaculture Design students are welcome with or without children. This is a standard, 72 hour permaculture certificate course.

WHEN: Six Weekends in 2009-2010.

2009: October 10-11, November 7-8, December 12-13
2010: January 23-24, March 13-14, April 10-11

Permaculture Design Course Topics Include: Climate systems, Sustainable Agriculture, Annual and Forest Gardening, Natural Building, Renewable Energy, Reading the landscape, Trees and Ecological Regeneration, Water and Alternative Waste Systems, Bioremediation, Alternative Economies, Building Strong Communities and More...
Daily Schedule will be generally 9am-5:30, with some Saturday evening programs.

Permaculture Design Certification Course Instructors:

Coordinating teacher Kay Cafasso- Kay is a permaculture instructor, designer, gardener, and natural builder. She is inspired by the ability to regenerate natural systems with thoughtful design of landscapes, dwellings, and communities. She received her permaculture design certification through Naropa University in 2002 and has since been involved with permaculture courses across the country. Kay holds certificates in solar home design and natural building construction from Solar Energy International and is a seasonal earth plasterer of straw bale and natural homes. She has experienced community life at the Isle of Erraid, a sister to the Findhorn Community in Scotland and has helped to start up Co-op Power, a member-owned cooperative for renewable energy in the northeastern US.

Andrew JonesA board member of the Permaculture Research Institute, with a background in international emergency response and post-conflict development and rehabilitation. He ran a 40,000-person refugee camp in Macedonia for CARE International and spent three years on the ground in Iraq following the first Gulf War. Andrew has seen the devastating affects of natural disasters working with the U.N. in Aceh Province, Indonesia on tsunami rehabilitation and in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. A native of Australia, Andrew is a leading U.S. based teacher and international consultant.

Mark Krawczyk-is a permaculture designer, traditional woodworker and natural builder who resides in Burlington, VT. He juggles a multi-faceted livelihood, managing Keyline Vermont—a permaculture and keyline-inspired design, installation and education firm; making and teaching others how to craft hand-made wooden chairs; as a community organizer with the grassroots non-profit Burlington Permaculture; and as a natural builder and educator with Seven Generations Natural Builders. He spent four years traveling the US and UK, apprenticing with the likes of the Cob Cottage Company, Kiko Denzer, Drew Langsner, coppice forester Ben Law and the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute.

Ethan RolandEthan is a permaculture designer, teacher, and researcher based in the Connecticut and Hudson river valleys. He studies and practices regenerative design in all corners of the world, from the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan to the tropical monsoon ecosystems of Thailand. Ethan builds resilience for local and global communities through the ecological design & development firm AppleSeed Permaculture(//, and helps to organize the Northeastern Permaculture Network (// He holds an M.S. in Collaborative Eco-Social Design from Gaia University, and is working towards launching a regional node in Northeastern US focused on Eco-social Agriculture.
... and other local guest teachers!

This unique program will provide a setting in which each child can rekindle his or her innate connection to nature in an inspiring, safe, fun way. Through nature-based games, arts activities and mentoring, children will: Learn permaculture design principals and stewardship ethics, develop an intimate, personal connection with nature, explore tracking, species and the ecology of landscape and habitat, participate in sensory awareness activities, practice journaling, drawing and painting, have lots and lots of fun!

Naturalist Immerstion Course For Children: Coordinating teacher, Krista Oarcea and a team of teachers, assistants and mentors.

Krista Oarcea graduated from the Waldorf Institute at Sunbridge College in 1993. Krista founded and has taught for ten years the Morning Garden Home Nursery Kindergarten, where she guides children to discover the wonders of the earth and to attune to the natural cycles of the year. She has led nature awareness programs for children at Vermont's Art of Mentoring and Red Fox Friends. She is an herbalist, wild-crafter, avid seedsaver and plant breeder, who mentors on cultivating land stewardship with children.

Daily schedule will be generally 9am-5:30.

For Complete Info About Tuition, Sliding Scales, Accommodation and GPS (choose 'Epworth Winter Course' in the sidebar


Permaculture Design Certificate in Warwick, NY with Andrew Faust
Designing Ecological & Bioregional Economies In Warwick and in the U.S.

The confluence of climate change, economic collapse, peak oil and wide spread pollution are all pointing to a need for an articulate and comprehensive alternative.

Come and hear Andrew Faust, one of New York City’s leading Ecological Design teachers, describe a beautifully simple and effective way to transition from an inherently inefficient and polluting economy to a healthy and regenerative economy and infrastructure.

This 72 hour course will give you the tools you need to become designers of truly sustainable systems. For schedules contact the email below.

Andrew Faust’s website is comprehensive and has links to many videos on YouTube.

Join us in creating the many opportunities that lay ahead!

Class Dates

Month Sat | Sun
Oct 10 | 11
Oct 24 | -
Nov 7 | 8
Nov - | 15*
Nov 21* | -
Dec 5 | -
Dec 12 | -
Jan 9 | 10

$750 with group rates available. Accomodations for overnight stays are available and free! - (845) 239-2174
21 Hathorn Road / Warwick, NY 10990

“The Art of Sustainability: How to Transform a Northeast Homestead into a Model of Sustainability”
with Andrew Faust

August 24-28, 2009

at the School of Living Arts for Creativity & Ecological Culture, New Lebanon, NY

Topics will include: Permaculture principles; Building soil for healthy and productive gardens & orchards; Working with water systems: solar pumps, constructed wetlands, reeds, rocks and other plants for filtration; Bioregionalism: design, history & economics; Sustainable forest management practices (selective cutting and logging); Identifying wild varieties of herbs and trees, and much more.

Tuition is $395. The workshop is open to everyone, from beginners to graduates of the Permaculture Design Certification program. Please check the website under “Programs in Ecological Culture” and click on the name of the workshop. You can read a day by day course outline, details about accommodations and register online. Camping is available at Powell House Quaker Retreat Center in Old Chatham. To reserve a camping space call 518-794-0025 ext 10 and reference the name of this workshop in your message. Or call 970-275-1525 for any questions.

At Regeneration CSA in High Falls:

Ongoing Permaculture workshops at Regeneration CSA. For the 2009 season we will be offering a series of workshops in: advanced no-till gardening and soil workshops, veggie fuels, rocket stoves, alternative buildling, and a lot more on a real farm scale permaculture site. Check the website for more details note: all of our workshops are open to the community by donation. At Regeneration we strongly believe that sustainable living skills need to be shared among the community to all who need them! No one will ever be turned away from our permaculture workshops.

Permaculture workshops Spring and Summer 2008

With Ethan Roland and Rafter T. Sass<br>
Apprentice teacher: Anya Raskin<br>
These three hands-on workshops give participants the skills and practical hands-on knowledge to apply the principles of Permaculture design taught in workshops and courses. Each workshop consists of two parts – an evening session on the principles of sustainable, Permaculture design, focusing specifically on the elements we will be working on the following day, and a full-day session during which we will be putting in place a beautiful garden and landscaping project that incorporates sustainable design to replenish and nourish the earth, based on the evening’s lesson. Each workshop will have 2-3 tracks, so if you want to learn, but can’t or don’t want to do heavy lifting, there will be other places and ways to get involved!<br>
Accomodations: Tent camping is available. Please bring your own tent and bedding. If needed, limited indoor space can be arranged (please call ahead of time).<br>
Food: Pot luck dinner, breakfast, and lunch. Or bring no food and pay a flat rate of $35.<br>
Price: Sliding Scale $45 - $300. Please be honest about your means. Putting on workshops is expensive!<br>
Where: Common Fire Housing Co-op<br>
464 W. Kerley Corners Rd.<br>
Tivoli, NY 12583<br><br>
For more information call Anya at 845-757-2396<br>
<b>April 11th and 12th Friday – 6 – 9:30 (dinner) Saturday – 9:00 – 6 (breakfast and lunch)</b><br>
<b>The garden – building beds</b><br>
In this workshop, prepare a no-till garden for its first year. Raise deep-mulch beds (an alternative to conventional garden rows that builds soil and keeps weeds at bay) and learn about the how and why. Experience integrating garden beds into a sustainable, beautiful small-scale food system. This workshop will give you the tools you need to build your garden to last for years and get healthier over time, all while being significantly simpler to manage over time and more sustainable than conventional gardening. Partial plant-trade is available to lower costs! Call for details.<br>
<b>May 2nd and 3rd Friday – 6 – 9:30 (dinner) Saturday – 9:00 – 6 (breakfast and lunch)</b><br>
<b>Earthworks – Swales</b><br>
Come out to this earth-shattering (literally) workshop and learn all about digging swales (dug-out and mulched water channels on contour) and plant beautiful and useful fruit trees along them. Learn why this method is one of the best for starting a forest garden and rediscover the wonder and joy of forest crops. The swales will water orchard trees and provide us with food and beauty on the scale of a home garden, all while replenishing the earth. Create a landscaping system that is bountiful, beautiful, and productive. Partial plant-trade is available to lower costs! Call and ask about details.<br>
<b>June 13th and 14th Friday – 6 – 9:30 (dinner) Saturday – 9:00 – 6 (breakfast and lunch)</b><br>
<b>Water Catchment</b><br>
Come out and build a rainwater catchment system in this hands-on workshop that gives you the tools to site and build your own system. Learn the general how-to of a do-it-yourself rainwater catchment system from where to site it to how to build it for efficiency, cleanliness, aesthetics, and temperature control year-round. The practical knowledge in this workshop is indispensible for shrinking your footprint, living more economically and environmentally, and as a backup for when your pump fails.<br>
SUMMER/FALL 2007==<br>
<h2><b>JULY 2007</b></h2>
<h3><b>Juy 31- Free Lacto-Fermentation Workshop at Regeneration CSA in High Falls NY</b></h3>
Tues July 31st starting at 5:30pmish. We are sharing our recent experiments in fermentation, and invite others to come, learn, and share their own favorite recipes. We will have some samples to share. Come by early and check out what we are doing at the farm, (and stay late to celebrate Sarah's birthday! yeah!)<br>
Regeneration CSA<br>
81 Clove Valley Rd<br>
High Falls NY 1244o<br>
<a class="wiki_link_ext" href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br>
845 687 0535<br>
<h2>May 2006</h2>
<h3><a class="wiki_link" href="/Spring+Gathering">Spring Gathering</a></h3>
Hosted by Hudson Valley Permaculture<br>
May 6-7, Epworth Camp and Retreat Center, High Falls, NY<br>
<h2>Oct 27th,28th,29th 2006</h2>
The theme of this gathering; "Visions for building our Invisible<br>
Structures". A sustainable future for humanity is going to need<br>
more than a few thousand acres of edible forest<br>
gardens, and millions of well designed composting<br>
toilets. (though that would be a nice start!) We all<br>
recognize that replacing the "structures" that support<br>
the current unsustainable systems of exploitation are<br>
probably our biggest challenge, and this is something<br>
that we have only barely begun to achieve.<br>
<h2>November 2006 - April 2007</h2>
What is permaculture design? What can it tell us about how human beings relate to the environment? How can we design strategies and systems for living more sustainably? And how can we apply this to both urban and rural environments?<br>
These themes and more will be explored fully in two distinct 6-month, one-weekend-a- month permaculture certification courses starting this November. In one of the first courses of its kind to be held in New York City, participants will learn the fundamentals of permaculture design from a wide variety of experts and teachers, culminating in a series of student-led design projects applying permaculture concepts to the urban landscape. The High Falls course, held at Camp Epworth, will focus on designing sustainable living strategies for homes, farms, and our bioregion. Both courses are in-depth, practical and hands-on.<br>
NEW YORK COURSE: Meets the first weekend of the month Nov-Mar, then April 21-22. All classes in Manhattan.<br>
EPWORTH COURSE: Meets the second weekend of the month Nov-Apr at Epworth. Lodging available, please inquire for rates.<br>
Cost: $850 before Oct. 15 (15% discount); Couples $1500 by Oct. 15 (25% discount); Single class $150, Full weekend $250<br>
Hosted by Green Phoenix Permaculture and Local Energy Solutions LLC. For more information and registration please visit <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="" rel="nofollow"></a> or <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="" rel="nofollow"></a> or call (718) 441-0246.<br>
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