Needs and Offers

OK, up and running. This started as a list compiled at D Acres during the November regional meeting and typed up by Matthew Delorey. There is also a list of needs and yields from the original 'PINE' envisioning meeting at Jono and Kempers house, maybe someone can post that? Please feel free to add yourself. There are plenty of blank rows in the table when you click 'edit'. This is very interesting to read, but you can use the search feature above if you are looking for anything in particular to offer or receive. Its also relatively easy to roll down the page and just read the locations. If anyone has any other ideas for formating this (ie by more specific location), go ahead and try it out. Please remember to update your listing as needs are met and you have more/ different things to offer!! ----

Need: commercial-scale supplier of vegetables, grains, dairy, and non-dairy substitutes

Do you know of a relatively large permaculture farm, or network of them, that could fill orders from a large food-product company? That company is trying to green its products and operations. They just heard of permaculture and like the idea of buying ingredients from such a farm or community. I act as their agent in this research of sources. Who should I talk to, to find this El Dorado of permaculture? Or, if you have a better idea of how to supply large volumes of product, how should I change my approach? Please write to . Thank you. - Greg

Milk to Cheese Workshop:

Goats are a wonderful addition to your sustainable homestead! Try your hand at milking our Alpine goats. Process the milk, then make chevre in our farmhouse kitchen. Sample several versions of this cheese while we wait for the cheese at different stages. All materials and equipment will be supplied. Take home an equipment and material list, recipes, resource materials on raising goats, goat and milking equipment, and cheese making supplies, as well as the chevre you made!
Saturday, September 19, 10 am - 1 pm. Workshop fee - $50.
This program is limited to 10 students. Sign up early at Walnut Hill Tracking and Nature Center! Contact us at or at 978-544-6083.

Geodesic Greenhouse for sale:

A beautiful 16 foot geodesic greenhouse so you can greatly extend your growing/ seed starting seasons. Made of triple walled polycarbonate with a 10 year warranty, the interior framing has been sealed with a water based eco friendly sealant. We are located in Brattleboro, VT and we work from home so we can show it any time. We are moving to Hawaii and would love to see this greenhouse that my wife (the midwife) traded a birth for go to a wonderful new home who appreciates materials that are earth friendly and don't leech into your food. The greenhouse comes with the cement retaining walls blocks that it sits on for extra warmth at night time. Thanks for looking contact us at to set up a time to come and check it out. you can see pictures of it on Vt craigslist its posted under " farm and garden" in Brattleboro cant miss it its the only one of its kind around.

Need: Local, Intentional, Produce

��� ( Posted 2/21/15)

Small non-profit intentional cafe in Bridgeport, CT, is seeking beyond organic farm products.
Open to any product offers, but particularly interested in produce, and in eating with the seasons.
We would like to support local and smaller farms, and understand the value of their time and product.
We would like to build a number of relationships, and no farm or product offer is too small.
Logistically, we would like travel time to be no more than an hour, and if the farm already had an infrastructure that could
facilitate produce availability in Bridgeport, all the better.

Permaculture Homestead for Sale in NY Catskill Mountains

Live and Earn Now

Looking for a Permaculture Homestead or Small Farm?Ready to go - in the beautiful New York Catskill Mountains
  • 5 acres,
  • 20 X 40 inground fish fertilized pool for growing
  • 30 years non-sprayed
  • approx 2 acres organic field
  • established blueberries, perennials, herbs
  • own woodlot,
  • big old-fashioned farmhouse with airbnb business thriving (for income)
  • lots of rooms, RV and tent space for interns, woofers, and paying guests
  • wood heat + wall furnaces + propane duct system
  • own well - chlorine free water
  • Flexible financing
  • Owner financing
  • rent to own possible
  • zoning allows 3 horses


external image 218HouseFRONT.JPG


Seeking Landshare in Essex, VT

A couple of lovely, permaculture aware property owners in northern Vermont are seeking a land management / agricultural tenant for their 40-acre residential property. The site is a residential parcel located in Essex, VT, consisting of mixed deciduous forest, open marshland, coniferous forest, and riparian ecosystems. Existing land uses include vegetable gardens, a small orchard, rainwater collection, solar hot water on the existing home, and a proposed commercial scale solar PV array.

A significant portion of the site remains under-utilized and the owners would love to find someone with the skills and passion to put it to productive use. These folks are seeking to establish a relationship with an individual or small group who are willing to work with them to develop a plan of action for the site and carry out the work of building productive enterprises on the site in the areas of agro-forestry, bee-keeping, diversified vegetable, and/or mycological endeavors depending on skill-sets, background, and funding. In return the property owners seek a flexible rent arrangement consisting of a combination of work-trade, crop-share, and cash rent payments.

Interested folks should be prepared to develop and present a clear and thorough permaculture site analysis, design plan, timeline for development, and an outline of the resources they would bring to the site.

Please send a short letter of introduction via email including:
  1. Your name, address and contact info
  2. The amount of time you expect to have available for implementing a plan on this site.
  3. A brief synopsis of your agricultural, landscape design, and/or entrepreneurial business background.

Deadline for submitting letter of intent: September 30, 2014.

We’ll send you the existing site analysis maps of the property so you can begin planning a concept design and business plan for the site. The property owners would like to review a site design proposal from interested folks. Design proposals should account for the existing site conditions, as well as local climate reports and any additional analysis that is relevant to the site and your plan.

Please contact the homeowner, Iris Banks with questions, requests for photos, and to submit an intro letter:

This is a diverse, beautiful and very unique parcel with lots of potential waiting to be unlocked!

Name Aimee


Location Open View Farm (

Conway, MA
===Needs===Is there a place to post this?

Farmer/s Needed
We are seeking a farmer or farmers for the 2014 growing season

Open View Farm in Conway, MA ( has for the past 5 years served as an incubator farm for new or young farmers ready to apply their farming knowledge and eager to experiment, learn and grow. We are a supportive community who believe strongly in the local food movement and have land to share. We tend sheep, chickens, a llama, a donkey, cats and a dog ( our-animal-companions/), and especially, family and friends ( people-on-the-farm/)!

The Farm has great soil and southern exposure. We've been able to grow all kinds of vegetables here: celery, peas, lettuces, kale, arugula, spinach, pak choi, hardneck garlic, heirloom tomatoes, eggplants, specialty peppers, okra, green beans, tomatillos, parsnips, beets, carrots, squash, cabbages, herbs, and much more. We also have delicious perennials--asparagus, apples, raspberries, blueberries, and sorrel. There are tools, fencing, cold frames and lots of the necessary materials organized and available for use. We will prepare and deliver tilled fields.
See the gardens here: our-gardens/. Be sure to look through the sbobet photos!

Past farmers have focused their attention in different ways, including soil development and testing, growing for market, growing for family, friends and educational purposes, as well as considering the viability of a CSA. These endeavors are the farmer's to determine and we offer support, encouragement and sometimes extra hands for help. In the past we have happily hosted planting and harvesting days finished off with a meal provided by our family.

We are seeking a farmer or farmers for the Ruby888 2014 growing season. If you are interested, please contact Aimee at either or (413) 475-2244. We would love to meet you to see if we all make a good fit!external image cleardot.gif

Aimee Gelnaw
(413) 475-2244 (cell)

Offerings Landshare


Phone/Email (413) 475-2244

Edith Clover at Coldwater Gardens
Milton, Florida
We need an enthusiastic PDC student or graduate who would like to take charge of a major permaculture project. Lead our team in implementing your design of our new sensorial gardens. Put your education to practical use, gain experience in project management and permacultural design, and help create an inviting, sustainable, interactive space for the public to enjoy!
Our staff will offer their full support and collaboration as you design and implement an interactive public garden. Gain extensive knowledge of local ecology and directly experience a regional variety of endangered and protected plants and animals. We offer external image arrow-10x10.png and meals, a small weekly stipend, and hands on experience in any of our other major projects (organic food production, beekeeping, mushroom growing, cobb building, etc). Opportunities for paid employment may become available based on performance.
General inquiries can be directed to: volunteer (at) coldwatergardens(dot)com For a full description of our Internship program, please e-mail: edie(dot)clover (at) gmail(dot)com

Sara Worden
troy, ny
  • Hands-on learning experience/work trade for the winter season. * Perennial edibles for urban permaculture site/arts center.
labor * creativity * energy * experienced with nonprofit administration, event planning, PR, tree work, "green" cleaning, plants, art, & people. * Certified in Horticulture & student of Permaculture
(518) 209-8474

Paige B.
Northampton, Ma.
Trees/Perennials for human-powered, no-till urban CSA. How-to info re: small-scale green roof project for garage.
Free bike workspace w/mechanics on duty Sat(s) 11-2. Labor for workdays. Knowledge on removing asphalt driveways.
**** 413.584.5153

Keith Zaltzberg
108 Ripley Rd., Montague, Ma. 01351
Design work critique during winter/spring; Assistance w/soil, slope, wildlife habitat assessment for fall/winter; Looking for a house to buy or share w/in 15 mi. of Amherst, Ma.; a place to nursery plants in Pioneer Valley
I have a number of external image arrow-10x10.png to share; Help w/site assessment, design work, or give a critique on your work- esp. during summer; Experience w/alley cropping systems

Matthew DeLorey


Central Vermont
Year-round Permaculturally based income; Land to develop more Pc community; Website support; Teacher training; Ancient breeds of animals for farm work; Perennial Edibles; healing herbs and flowers; mulch
Certified Pc Designer; Horticulturist; Hardy trees, grafts, shrubs,rootstock; Pc gathering host; Japanese hand saws; Conscious Roots DJ Soundsystem; Networking skills; Natural Building skills; Sustainable Ag. Skills; Promoter/Distributer of VI Reggae

Juli Brussell
Rochester, NH
Pc Design Course(s); NE Plant ID support; Cabinetry work; Flagstone/soapstone counters
Editing; Writing; Grant writing assistance; Bread baking; Small business skills; Group facilitation; Holistic farm planning; Enterprise development/ planning; Access to UNH co-op ext.

Chris Chaisson
Duxbury, VT
Farm advisory board; Pc designers for charrette; Extensive Sustainable Ag. Business skills; Medicinal herb/nursery skills; Farm members for Farm Co-op; Sources for plant, seed, & root stock for all perennial medicinal & edibles; Strong, hard-working help to build farm & green construction projects; CSA members to join co-op to help build working capital & purchasing power; a Cast iron boiler system
Demo. Site for green construction, wetland const., cob building, stone work; Construction skills; Foundations out; Greenhouse design/const.; Masonry; Experiential Education for Pc lessons; Diesel & Equipment mechanic work; Heavy equipment operation; Farm based experience; Taking down historic barn & will have lots of wood for sale or trade; Experienced dumpster diver

Chris Jackson
p.o. box 60 Plainfield, VT 05667
Advice/input on projects; More learning opportunities; Mulch materials; Land in VT; Building trades knowledge
Energy; Space for workshops; Natural resources; Books; Knowledge of nature awareness skills, nutrition, and vegetable production; Connections w/farms, natural builders,etc.
**** 802.999.5247

D Acres
Dorchester, NH
Worker bees; Specialists/managers of baking, annual/perennial gardening, blacksmiths, ceramics, alt. building, forestry; Help w/spring planting; Fall garlic harvest; Hay; Generous donors; Person who owns excavator/bulldozer; Willing to do land use change for trade; Currently seeking Garden Coordinator, Artist or Tradesperson in Residence (specifically in Woodworking or Blacksmithing)
Library; Hosting workshops & events; Consultant; Internships; Alt. building design & implementation; Harvesting for food trade; Piglets; Woodworking merch.; Accomodations; Computer time; Knowledge of 501c, food club, grid inter-ties, building rural community; Firewood

Bill Errickson
Durham, NH
Design advice; Fruit; Scale; More volunteers to help student farm; Perennials; Broadfork, hoes, mower; Local source for straw; Root cellar storage; Old windows for cold frame; Animals; More funding
Demo. Site/education; Connection to UNH; Students to work/intern at other sites; venue to show films/speakers; University credits for interns at UNH; Research opportunities; Co-op Ext.; Office of Sustainability Programs

George Leoniak
Marlboro, VT
Knowledge of landscape design for forest garden; hardy trees & shrubs for zone 4; Carpentry skills for remodeling home for efficiency & flow; Knowledge of beekeeping, chickens; Develop gardening skills/methods; experience designing systems
Educator; Would like to write a curriculum; Naturalist for forest walks; Tracking skills; Site analysis & assessment; Map drawing

Molly MacLeod
Marlboro, VT
Land; Information; Infrastructure for sustainability at Marlboro; Place/farm to work in the summer for $; teacher training
Information; Education; Physical work

Keith Morris
Johnson, Vermont
Design assistance, particularly with water and drainage (ponds, culverts, bridges, chinampas, etc). Wetland and floodplain ecology assistance. Forest management (woodlot) assistance. Looking for forest garden appropriate breeds of ducks and chickens. People who want to work and learn! Cedars! (logs, transplants, or seeds) Other hedgerow trees Large stones!! (locally)
Free certified organic seeds for school gardens and non-profits. Ecological Design/ Permaculture Library. Design facilitation. Space for workshops and classes (summer months)/ teaching of workshops and classes (year round). Groundnuts. Riparian plants for riverbank restoration. Guided tours of sites of permaculture interest (natural communities, ecological design, sustainable agriculture and energy, etc. river and bike tours possible.)
**** 802 734 1129

The Mountain Brook Center for Sustainable Living
Guilford, Vermont
help creating a mini curriculum (a class that would meet maybe two hours per week for 4-6 weeks in the spring-summer) to teach permaculture concepts to families. would like to include a child sized site design that could be implemented during class time. also looking for donations of fruit/nut trees/shrubs stock and perennials for this project, and Bard Rock or Dominique pullets.
knowledge of green building materials and their uses, growing lending library of green building and sustainable living related books, fair understanding of 501(c)(3) application process (and texts to loan or copy on the subject), also information on the fiscal sponsor relationship, knowledge of traditional and modern sugaring methods and equipment, upcoming (though, as yet,unscheduled) workshops in alternative building, original skills, wilderness first responder, permaculture design, etc.) 802-257-0465(please don't call after 8pm...bedtime happens early around here)

Jono Neiger
Leverett, MA
Help with greywater system, pole building, taking care of plantings, pond building, and design of passive solar greenhouse.
Design experience, seed collection and propagation, wetlands/regulatory work, group facilitation, plant identification, drafting, tree work, pruning.Design experience, seed collection and propagation, wetlands/regulatory work, group facilitation, plant identification, drafting, tree work, pruning. 413-367-2304

Patty Goodwin
Glenford NY
Have a big landscaping project to design and am seeking help from someone with local knowledge of Ulster County resources and ecology.
Writing/editing capabilities. Meeting space. Some compensation. Immense gratitude.

Bryan Quinn
Providence, RI
Pictures, slides, powerpoint slides of your gardens, farms, houses, a spot in your yard to pitch my tent. I'm a RISD grad student doing my thesis work on permaculture design and I need visual information for my work
Design experience, drafting (computer or hand), conservation and ecology knowledge, lots of hands on experience on site, graphic design/advertisments, permaculture/ecological design presentations/slide shows, i also worked in africa for two years doing sust. ag so I have knowledge of making this stuff work in the tropics.

Sean Jennings
Starksboro, Vt
Perennial Edibles, Fruit trees, connections
I can offer manpower in Vt, willing to help on any project, good with natural building and have permaculture design certificate, experience in fruit tree cultivation and vegetable market gardening, jerusalem artichoke stock
[] 310-883-5021

Morin Heights Quebec
seeks permaculture design for rocky terrain in Laurentians, 60 day growing season likely requires greenhouse
share relevant information

Mid- and North-Eastern US
My partner and I will be travelling on bicycle from N Carolina to Maine this summer. If there are farms, communities, enterprises, etc. we should visit, or if you would like to invite us to visit you along our route, please email. Our interests: permaculture, natural building, cultural evolution, alternative economics, mycology, fermentation...
We can offer physical and mental labor. We have experience/knowledge in plant identification, ecology, restoration, fruit and vegetable growing, and forestry.

Sandy & friends
upstate NY
We're looking to purchase a running organic farm within 2-3 hrs. driving time from Albany. In lieu of an established farm, we're also interested in 20+ acres of good land. Besides fruits and vegetables, cows, pigs, and chickens would be a plus.
We are neophytes when it comes to farming so this would be a financial transaction. 518-368-4585

Madeline Sharrow
Montpelier, VT
some part time outdoor work, odd jobs: (wood stacking...ect.) scrap wood and recylced building materials
I make: Flyer designs, signs, pamphlets, posters, silk screen designs, wood block prints, stencils... all sorts of guerilla-style artwork and graphic design 802-229-9094

Seeds of Sustainability
Jeffersonville, VT
Someone to give a basic lecture on landsacape design to 6th graders planning their school garden. Fruit trees, Perennial edibles, organic vegetable seeds
Working human power, growing gardening knowledge, lots of sustainability lesson plans. . . eventually

Hampton/ Charlottesville, VA
Not much at the moment, unless you want to complete my undergraduate studies for me.
A place to stay in Virginia, area information, information on appropriate technologies, a link to the engineering world (civil and environmental anyway), experience creating a composting system at a large public university in virginia.

Lewisburg, PA Oberlin, OH
Apprenticeships in Permaculture Design, Sustainable Farming, or Natural Construction and engineering training from 2010 onward.
Limited Permaculture knowledge, drum performance, a strong back.

Jess Lotak
Waltham, MA & South Haven, MI
Assistance with permaculture design and implementation on my family's home in Michigan.
Can offer assistance on projects and design consultation on new and existing projects. I am willing to work locally within the Boston area or travel internationally. I would love to take on Design Consultation for those of you in the New England region who are overwhelmed by fabulous project potentials - feel free to refer my way if located in or near Boston! PDC certified, and soon to have an MSID (Master's in Sustainable International Development). 707-616-7085

Kim Almeida
Scituate & Plymouth, MA
Permaculture apprenticeship/internship on South Shore
Enthusiasm accompanied by somewhat limited permaculture knowledge/experience (not afraid of hard work!), guitar & drum fun, yoga instruction, a good laugh

Joe & Donna DeFlumeri
Lancaster, N.H.
Assistance with energy alternatives- utilizing excessive ground water, possibly solar. we want to become oil independent before winter. Help with a passive solar greenhouse.Ridding our lives of PSNH would be very helpful.Biodiesel alternatives for vehicles. Interested in permaculture design courses within a reasonable distance.Milking goats as well as angora goats.
Always hard work (we do have some time limitations as we are both now working in the human service fields). Our degrees are in Industrial Engineering and Studio Art- concentration in textiles. Proficient spinner and weaver. all surface techniques.Most all fiber techniques including basketry and feltmaking. Heavy teaching experience for all ages and backgrounds. Living museum experience. Extensive trade show experience.Loom reconstruction. Ergonomic system design and implementation. Product development from conception through shipment including cost analysis.cost reduction techniques without quality sacrifice.Various manufacturing-based computer systems. Extensive small business experience, wholesale and retail as well as custom design work. animal and child experience! handspun and wovens. lastly, we will have awesome garden results with excessive food barring mother nature continues to cooperate!!
603-788-4418 home 603-631 1066 cell

Jen Risley (Riz)
Keene, NH
Permaculture apprenticeship, help starting local permaculture group
Willingness to work and learn, computer skills, newly PC certified, education and naturalist background

Chris Diamond
Gardiner, NY (Ulster County)
Chances to be brought along on design consultations and to work on site designs with more experienced designers, PC friends in the Hudson Valley, useful plants, people to garden with, spiritual conversation.
Consulting, trading useful perennial plants, skilled labor, lots of training and experience in horticulture, strange ideas that really might work, good questions, building weatherization, writing/editing, spiritual conversation.

Kay Cafasso
Red Hook, NY (Dutchess Co) & Ithaca, NY
Networking with fellow designers, gardeners, and permaculture instructors; additional clients & design projects; more sampling of cold hardy fruits and vegetables!
Design consultation; installation of perennial herb, veggie, fruit, nut, herbaceous, ecological abundance!; natural building consultation or local community presentation; instruction of permaculture design certificate course or related intro courses; instruction of earthen plasters; Friendship!; discussion of educational approaches and event planning 413-230-7998

Bryan Milne
Williston, VERMONT
Job(s) - Permaculture design employment/apprenticeship, clients/collaborators in need of landscape design/project management. Land/materials for Natural Building projects (sauna, composting toilets, dreamlodge). Small tree pruning jobs. Land to garden & wildcraft. Work-trade/volunteer/co-teach w/for Permaculture courses/Permaculture teacher training courses/ Natural Building skill intensives. Looking for local people/organizations who provide: horticultural transport services, bobcat/backhoe rental/operators, gps & aerial photography services, tree farms/nurseries, and edible plant nurseries. Opportunity to learn/work with biofuel conversion vehicles. Open to a variety of exchange for other various goods: ceramic/pottery skills, all skills/tools of the digital media arts, fresh spring water, fresh ORGANIC/Biodynamic herbs, produce, seed, cuttings, raw dairy products, eggs & meats, and baked goods.
Permaculture design, landscape architecture/landscape construction services, professional writing, some education/counseling experience, GARDENING - installation, design, maintenance, PRUNING/treework, nursery growing/plant care, plant identification, planting design & establishment, riparian/wetland restoration design/consultation, perennial flower garden design/installation; drafting, illustration, photography, graphic design, Flash - computer animation, construction project management/consultation for landscaping, WILDCRAFTING, basic carpentry/woodworking, basic concrete work, basic welding, some power tools, basic bicycle mechanics, basic human labor - shoveling, moving, chopping/stacking wood, etc... windsurfing lessons,Permaculture/horticulture library, magickal kitchen arts consultations, connections with local Ayurveda/Yoga community & local herbalists - particularly Shakti Botanicals, aromatherapy, smiles, hugs, DJ - always spinning the beats: drum'n'bass, techno, trance, psytrance, hiphop, electro, new wave, grime, reggae, jungle, dubstep, blues, classical, ambient, and more.... 917-558-0202

Daniel Botkin
Gill, Mass.
Need comrades and cohorts to help develop community and business options on exquisite, organic micro-farm on the site of a defunct commune in Western Massachusetts. We seek to expand and refine the farm ( and family as a vibrant teaching vehicle. We seek serious, long term partners with the opportunity for eventual co-ownership and/or farm transfer.
Offering heirloom seeds, organic gardening knowledge and expertise, spiritual respite opportunities, friendship, goats, footbag skills, teaching skills, counseling skills, youth mentoring skills and Spanish language. We also offer seasonal internships in gardening, homesteading and food processing. 413-863-8696

Anneliese Mordhorst
Chester, CT
looking for permaculture-ists, farmers, gardeners
*semi-rural land seeking renter/caretaker* 8+ acres located 1/2 hour south of Wesleyan, 45 minutes north of New Haven; open space, woodland, re-foresting field; possible housing on land; infinite possibilities of land use; land available immediately 413 320 9380

Bob U.
S.Deerfield, MA
Am looking for someone who can help me put in my first ever veggie garden. That is my first priority. I am also interested in help thinking through edible landscaping. By that I mean plantings that are useful in addition to looking nice.
I can pay cash if someone is looking to earn some money, or swap labor if you prefer. Something different that I can offer as payment that some might find of value instead would be genealogical services.

Tim McGee
Amherst, MA
Am looking for experience getting my hands dirty in gardening, permaculture design, fungi hunting, and carpentry skills.
Biomimicry consulting services, product innovation, writing, website and IT services, a strong back, and a smile.

Jessica Muise and Michael Brown


Waltham, MA
  • Work/trade/apprenticeship/internship/volunteer opportunities in our area to learn more about permaculture, aquaponics, growing food and homesteading * New friends interested in permaculture
  • Farm work / labor * Writing/editing * Handy-work and basic carpentry * Basic computer technical assistance * Photography/flier design * We have an indoor aquaponic set-up running pretty well, and can share what we've learned facebook twitter

Wendy Forbes
Greenfield, MA
Mortgage pre-qualified first-time homebuyers (some exceptions) for May 15th Lottery. Deadline for applications is May 1, 2009, 4:30 p.m. A wait-list is formed through a lottery in order to ensure that the selling process is fair.
Extremely energy efficient homes with solar electric and solar hot water are available in a 20-home condominium community in Greenfield, MA. Space has been left open for a large community garden which is something all the buyers so far are very excited about. This is a great opportunity for low and moderate income buyers to purchase an amazing house in a community of people committed to energy efficiency and a locally based way of life. Income limits are surprisingly high - for example, a family of four still qualifies as "moderate" income if they make $85,360! There's a lot of info on our website - take a look! 413-863-9781 Ext. 141

Warren, VT
Family seeking summer intern to contribute to and implement a permaculture vision on 10 acres of forest and former farmland. Work would include planning, planting, etc. Opportunity for indoor work to fill out a schedule.
We can offer a wonderful place to live with garden space, established herb gardens, apples trees, bees and chickens. We have an architecture office in our house, specializing in environmentally sustainability, and lots of resources in related fields.

Wolcott, VT
Work 5 or so hours a week. Newly bought land, not developed much, but plan to head in a permaculture direction. Possible projects: creating raised beds, straw-bale sauna, planting of berries and fruit trees, and any ideas you might come up with that are compatible.
20' diameter tipi, excellent library on a variety of subjects including permaculture, spirituality, healing, herbalism; possible rides into nearby Stowe. 802-249-7779

Randolph Center, VT

Beautiful river-bottom land in fields along a river available as part of large 156-acre parcel of much forest, some growing-in pasture, old farm roads, streams, ridges, views. Incredible farmland.

Sean Maley
On Schunnemunk Mountain, Orange County, NY
Help setting up a small homestead; a back hoe for a day; general labor and collaboration.
Offering soil science knowledge (Carey Reams & Dr Ingram based), composting skills, a space to learn design skills & implementation techniques, deep green philosophy, short duration retreats in a recreational location, good food, clean water, extensive collection of testing equipment & manual tools & motorized (so you appreciate what we face and confront what human scale really means), web site hosting, soap making, strong interest in open source & the nuts and bolts of technology (chemistry, foundries, fiber, fabric, wood, microprocessors/micro-controllers, etc)....
semaley at 646-721-7541

Michaela Maestas
Burlington VT
looking for housemates in shared household, Sept.1st 09/ and on-going. / Urban Permaculture.
offer a wonderful place to live in Burlington VT. Permaculture houshold 3 rooms open.large urban gardens.
Michaela 802 862 4147

Kobe Biederman- Nature's Classroom at Sargent Center Conference and Retreat Center
Peterborough, NH
Teachers /Workshop Instructors in:
  • Permaculture * Ecopsychology * Nature Art * Primitive Living Skills * Sustainable Technologies * Wilderness Awareness * Woodwork || Financial compensation for teaching weekend workshops at the Sargent Center which is situated on 700 acres and can house and feed up to 150 people. || Kobe Biederman, M.Ed. Conference Director Nature’s Classroom at Sargent Center 36 Sargent Camp Rd. Hancock, NH Email: Office: (603) 525 - 3311 x31 Fax: (603) 525 – 4151 Web: || || Ben Dube || Charlotte, VT || any type of learning/working experience in permaculture/horticulture and related fields. Places to experiment. || Looking for people with contaminated urban soils in VT who would like to participate in phytoremediation experiments. I have no qualifications or experience in phytoremediation, but I would do the work for free. I have a passion for working outside, a decent amount of gardening experience. I have my PDC and I can learn very quickly. || 978-877-0451 || || || || || || || || || || || || || || Rebecca Speert ---- || Currently in Berkeley, CA. || Looking for work on the job training opportunities, skills share & friendship. Interests include but are not limited to Permaculture Design, Sustainable Agriculture, Compost/Compost Tea, Mushrooms, Wildcrafting, Animal Husbandry, Indigenous Medicine/Shamanism, Crafts, Wilderness survival skills, plant medicine, habitat restoration, culinary skills, cheese making, fermentation, food storage, earth building, greywater systems, rainwater harvesting.... || I am extremely dedicated, passionate, communicative, organized and efficient in time management. Knowledge and practice of communication skills & sustainable living habits. Herbal and culinary studies. Teaching experience with all ages. Interested in co-teaching initiatives Work well in groups & independently. Trained in consensus decision making and nonviolent communication. || 781 820 4539 || || Elise M. || Burlington, Vt. || A non toxic place to live and/or Land (preferably in Vermont) to build a small, non-toxic, sustainable home on, and materials & labor for building such a home. Knowledge of green natural building materials and their uses. More funding, possibly for Helping to build a non toxic sustainable community for people with chemical sensitivities. || Knowledge & experience with Medicinal herbs (growing, wildcrafting, & using), natural healing methods, nutrition, and organic gardening, (flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetable growing), cooking healthy foods, especially vegetarian & vegan. I am an experienced photographer. I teach foot reflexology, beading (jewelry & dreamcatchers), basic knitting & crocheting. I can design business cards & flyers. Immense gratitude. Friendship, Hugs. || or 802-951-5933 || || John Leek || Boston || FREE-Need to find good home for two 4' x 8' hot air solar collectors before June 1 || tempered glass mounted in extruded aluminum framing, blackened selective surface of dimpled copper sheeting with 4" air plenum behind it. Mounted on a south facing wall, these will provide a good deal of passive heat. || 617-277-6149 || || Janice Lloyd || Plainfield, VT || Need Housemates to Share farmhouse and land at the old location of the Institute for Social Ecology. No work trade opportunity, but a chance to live the way you want to in a comfortable and long-term situation. Rent is $400 mo plus a little more, we live simply... July or August 1 2010. || Practice permaculture, maintain forest gardens, food gardens, be a part of a a community growing project, raise animals, community living situation, shared resources, build composting toilet, help rebuild solar hot water system, living machine, etc... opportunity. || 802-454-1117 || || Jason Kass || Jamaica, VT || Need 1-4 people to live at my cabin to garden and caretake. Work at permaculture farm next door. Small building projects. Pics at || Free rent. Practice permaculture, maintain food gardens, learn building skills. || 617-233-5058 || || Janice Lloyd || Plainfield, VT || Need housemate to Share farmhouse and gardens in small community in plainfield, vt. Looking to fill Dec 1 2010! Rent $400 mo, plus utilities, wood heat, || Offering shared gardens, more space to grow, chickens, food forest, pond, trails, close prox to food co-op, and close to farm for work trade opps. Vibrant community, working toward self-reliance. || 802-454-1117 || || Ashley Ritzel || Coeymans Hollow, NY || ROOMMATES WANTED FOR ASPIRING ORGANIC/VEGGIE COMMUNITY IN SPACIOUS FARM HOUSE ON BIG, BEAUTIFUL FOREST PROPERTY IN COEYMANS HOLLOW - $350+UTILITIES, AVAILABLE BY DEC.1. 3 ROOMS, RANGING FROM 365 SQ.FEET TO 400 SQ.FEET SINCE I AM A SINGLE MOM AT 24 WITH A DAUGHTER 7 MONTHS OLD, OTHER SINGLE MOMS/PARENTS/COUPLES WITH SMALL BABIES ARE VERY WELCOME, BUT ANYBODY IS WELCOME TO APPLY, THE MAIN THING IS THAT YOU HAVE/WANT TO HAVE AN ORGANIC/VEGGIE LIFESTYLE. PETS DISCUSSABLE. || experience participating in natural building projects, organic veggie farming, off grid sustainable living practices, permaculture design and implementation, making raw vegan and cooked vegetarian food, miles of woodland hiking trails. || Ph: 518-588-9159 ||| Jennifer Steckler || Brookfield, VT ||
Internship at Twin Pond Retreat, Center for Wellness and Sustainable Living
Internships available in the areas of annual vegetable and perennial gardening, animal management, permaculture design installation, fiber arts, plant dye gardens, and possible event/workshop preparation for Retreat Center. We are looking for about 12-15 hours/week.
We can offer a canvas wall tent and access to food we grow/raise. Internship is available from May 15th to October 15th.
Contact Jennifer Steckler for more info and to receive an application 802-276-3839

Karin G
New England
Full or part time work for exchange or employment in sustainable design, organic farming, bioremediation, land care, natural building (particularly round timber framing). Very open to hearing about different opportunities in the CT, MA, NY, VT areas.
Permaculture design certificate, BS biology from Villanova, energy medicine practicioner, herbalist, experience in outdoor living, primitive skills, construction, interior design, space clearing, dance, yoga, movement, sustainable living, wildcrafting, cultivating medicinal plants and food, medicine making, mycoremediation, plant spirit healing, gentleness, hard work, a truck and tools. 860-712-7105

Karen B.
Pembroke, NH
Looking for someone experienced in permaculture to help create a plan to change my yard from grass to permaculture with herbs, veggies, flowers, etc.
Astrology, graphic design, lessons in sewing, cooking, soapmaking and herbal cosmetics and remedies, machine embroidery, t-shirt printing. 603-715-2253 Option 2

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John Sewell
Andes of N. Patagonia, Argentina
Remote cattle ranch and resort (Estancia Ranquilco, see seeks experienced organic gardener to produce organic vegetables and fruits for the estancia community. Must be available for some months between Sep.-Mar. to revitalize/expand the existing garden.We receive clients and volunteers from around the globe and take delight in serving quality foods from our own production including organic vegetables, meat, dairy, and honey. Couples could apply as long as both parties bring solid energy to the table - we also need help on construction, maintenance, and livestock work.
Initially offered on a work/trade basis, room and board in return for the garden work. If the energies are good, the estancia would reimburse travel expenses the first year and then negotiate an income for further years. Also, would offer participation in the horse riding/mountain camping programs provided to clients. 508-881-3643

Krista Oarcea
Lyonsville,Ulster county,NY
Home and homestead for sale.1.75 acres of land and home in the lovely hamlet of Lyonsville. Swales and terraced gardens teeming with food and medicinal plants. Established Forest Gardens Four pear trees bearing fruit right now plus peach,plum,cherry,nectarine,apple,beach plum and 18 different types of berries.
Looking for passionate forest gardeners to purchase homestead to caretake and nourish on what we began designing 14 years ago. This is an in-ground nursery that provides some income. 845-545-1122

Western CO
Looking for a place for me and my dog to live and learn about organic farming, permaculture, caring for animals, cheese-making, growing herbs, making tinctures, beekeeping, green building, spinning and weaving and anything else of real-life practical value. Would love to be part of a sustainable communal living situation. Also looking for land to put a yurt on, but don't have money to buy it with!!
Hard work in all weather conditions, enthusiasm and desire to learn, childcare, dog training, gluten-free baking, knitting and sewing, chainsaw work, kefir making, writing/editing, communal living

Need help with garden and permaculture projects. Looking for someone with experience and energy to trade it for room and board. My family and I live in a strawbale house on 76 wooded acres with a large garden, chickens, a cob greenhouse-in-progress, & lots of permaculture aspirations.
Room and board in nice house with nice people on a nice piece of land 10 minutes from Binghamton; only 4hrs from NYC (607)237-5338

Baruch Zeichner
E. Montpelier, VT
I have started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the down payment on some land where, with friends, we will be doing a full on permaculture design and implementation.
In exchange for support, monetary and otherwise, we offer the perks mentioned in the IndieGoGo Campaign, but also a place for people to participate, to relax, to be. 802-232-4205

Ari Jackson
Putney/ Westminster West VT
Renter for Farm house and Land
Home and Land for rent. See for more details

Chittenden County, Vermont
Looking for folks to help out occasionally on a homestead in exchange for ... homecooked meals, home made bread, garden produce, possibly occasionally some cash, possibly a tenting or little house site (for full time or "country retreat"). Just getting started with shifting from "regular" gardening to permaculture sbobet. We may be able to offer room and board during the college semesters.
Land to practice on and harvest from while you are in the area (thinking of UVM Sustainably program majors, stuck in Burlington with no land) . Sharing my knowledge of gardening, homesteading skills, greywater systems, waste systems, wild edibles and farmers markets. I keep imagining that there are probably folks like me who are learning about permaculture concepts and are excited to try them, but have no land. We have land but not enough time... you have some time but no land. We'd love to talk to you about using an area of our land (10 acres, mostly wooded) to try out things and you get the harvest while you're here in the area.

Bob Curry
San Jose CA
Looking to build your own pole barn house
Here is a one stop place for all your plans and projects for pole barn houses

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