Permacultural Demonstration Sites in New York
Please feel free to add information about your NY site that demonstrates Permaculture principles, either in a whole-systems or single-applications approach. Copy and paste the general information Template at the bottom of this page, but do not feel restricted by it-- you can add or subtract whatever you feel to meet the needs of your site.

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Germantown Community Farm

Second year Vegetable CSA, Orchard Restoration, Greenhouses, Animals Systems, Vegetable Oil Vehicles, Cohousing, Greywater system, and more.

[Catskill Mountain Permaculture] Elka Park, NY 12427

3 acre homestead in Catskill state park near woodstock, ny
Forest gardening, no till gardening, living fence, orchard,
Edible Landscape Nursery!
Unusual Fruits, nuts, nitrogen fixers, herbs, groundcovers
summer workshops
Landscaping services
518 589 9747home
914 536 5822 cell (website with photos)

Linda's House
111 Monroe St., Ithaca, NY

- No-till Garden
- Tomato/Basil & Pepper/Herb Polyculture
- Forest Garden
- urban permaculture in Ithaca, NY
- low-maintnance treelawn wildflower garden
- neighborhood centered permaculture activist projects

Tours of gardens and other neighborhood Royal1688 sites.

Simon St. Laurent's House - Rt. 366, Dryden, NY.

- 4th year of site
- Preparing Forest Garden and Kitchen Garden w/ herb spiral
- terrace and swale system w/ small earthen pond
- Suburban site
-Cayuga duck breeding

See site under Permaculture

Cayuta Sun

  • Site of some Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute programs
  • Off-grid electric with wind and solar
  • Sheet-mulched polyculture annual garden
  • Perennial food forest
  • Compost toilets
  • Free range chickens
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Classroom built with reciprocal roof
  • 38 acres of pine forest, meadow and swamp
  • website:


372 West Front Street,
Hancock NY 13783

The Hancock Permaculture Center is located in Hancock (Delaware County), New York, and dedicated to the philosophy and practice of permaculture in the upper Delaware and western Catskills bioregion. The Center actively promotes permaculture-based businesses and lifestyles through its support of:
Permaculture education and outreach
Eco-friendly home design and construction
Water conservation and home heating alternatives
Greenhouse gardening and locally grown organic food
New business development based on permaculture principles

We run permaculture certificate courses on site and at other locations by arrangement.

Mashodack Forest Gardens

Nassau, NY
Permaculture Elements Demonstrated: Rainwater Catchment, Forest Garden, Fruit Tree Research
[Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum) starts to cover the ground around a rodent-protected young apple tree ('Pink Pearl', a tasty red-flesh variety). To the left you can see Prostrate Birdsfoot trefoil, (Lotus corniculatus var. plena) an amazing Nitrogen-fixing groundcover that doesn't grow over 1 inch tall. In the background are dwarf sunchokes (Helianthus tuberosus) and various Ribes species: Gooseberries, Currants, and a Jostaberry.]

We are experimenting with a 1000 sq. ft. Forest Garden in Hardiness Zone 5. Irrigation will be primarily from rainwater caught off the roof of a small barn. The site gets 39 inches of rain/year, has a gentle South-East facing slope, and shale-filled silt-loam soil. We have over 100 species of edible and useful fruits, nuts, and vegetables, planted in a variety of perennial polyculture patches. Come and visit!

[The Torri opening into the garden, with dwarf sunchokes (Helianthus tuberosus) behind.]

[Fragaria vesca, the woodland strawberry. Planted in late may, this clumping herbaceous perennial has successfully outcompeted the encroaching quackgrass and yielded handfuls of delicious strawberries EVERY DAY since mid-august. As of October 6th, there was still fruit and still flowers. Awesome.]

See more at

Walton NY
Regenerative whole-farm CSA


Queens, NY
Forest garden, swale
Implemented on a 20x30ft NYC front lawn


Joshua Dolan, farm manager/deigner
The Holzbaur's farm in Rt. 79 in Enfield, NY 8 miles west of Ithaca.
The Land: 57 acres, 20+ acre sugar bush (aprox. 500 tapable maples), 1820's farmstead, huge barn.

Home of Sapsquatch Maple Products. See our website

Volunteering with us

Volunteering is a blast! Please email if you are interested in helping out. We need folks to assist in the following:
- sugarshack construction, wood cutting, gathering, stacking, and splitting, laying the lines for tapping, sugaring

Apprentice Program

We are pleased to announce an apprentice program for the 2009 season! The program includes instruction in permaculture and sugarbush management through hands-on, experiential learning. Skills learnt include:
- GPS mapping and data collection
- Permaculture fundamentals and design proces
- Chainsaw safety and use
- Sugarbush management including laying lines, boiling, and finishing sap
- Teaching children about sugaring
Apprenticeship applications are due FEBRUARY 13th. Please email for more information and to apply.
Tuition: $200 fee includes materials and instruction.

Sugarbush Tours

Tours of the sugarbush including the history, lore, and process of sugaring will be offered EVERY SATURDAY from February 28 thru April 4th.
Learn about the progression of sugaring from the time of the Native Americans to present. Try your hand at tapping. Taste sap and syrup.
Donations accepted.

Sugar Moon Benefit Party 3.13.09

Join us for stories, music, food, and fun as we gather 'round the old boiler and welcome this years sugar moon. Donate and support your local sugaring folk. Enjoy sledding, hiking, and a moonlight sugarbush tour.
Donations accepted.

NYS Maple Weekend 3.28 & 3.29

In cooperation with the NYS Maple Producers Association, visit the Sapsquatch sugarbush and enjoy a pancake breakfast, live music, tours, and more! Check back for updates as we confirm events for the weekend.

Please contact Josh Dolan at 280-8498 or at

The Holzbaur's farm is halfway between Enfield Center R. and Rothermitch Rd. on Rt. 79 in Enfield. 1/2 mile past the blinking light, look for the big red barn on the left. The driveway is hidden, so watch out!

Imani Community Garden

97 Schenectady Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Imani Community Garden - Google Group

Imani Community Garden is owned in trust by New York Restoration Project and sponsored by Green Phoenix Permaculture as a community Permaculture Demonstration Site, Education Center, and Garden. The site was formerly a thriving community garden with rabbits, guinea fowl, chickens, and vegetable cultivation. It also has an extensive ornamental landscape consisting of a 60 foot Willow Tree, many large boxwood hedges, a redbud tree, two large maples, and a young paulonia tree. Abandoned by the community many years ago, members of Green Phoenix Permaculture set about to resurrect the site as a permaculture demonstration center.

Currently in its second year of cultivation, the garden currently has:

Membership and by-laws in adherence to permaculture principles
Raised beds for annual and perennial vegetable growing
Donations for designing and building a water catchment tank

In 2007-2008 we built membership, created the by-laws, built the raised beds, had multiple work days to clear the garden of weeds and debris, and harvest an abundance of vegetables from the raised beds. We also had workshops on garden mapping which culminated in the creation of multiple scale maps of the garden for use in further design and planning.

This year we are kicking off with a "Wild Design" Exercise on April 12th to plan out the most immediate perennial plantings. We will ask for donations at the workshop to help pay for our plants. In addition, one member is propagating hardy kiwis and tree collards for use in the garden.

The garden's official first annual meeting will be on April 26th. There will be a free workshop on healthy eating through West Indian cooking and herbal remedies, given by the owners of Imhoteps health foods in Crown Heights, who will also provide free food.

Our next big project after designing and planting the perennial landscape is to design and built the Water Catchment, and possibly a rain garden or pond for the overflow.

Imani Community Garden - Google Group


835 Conlon Road, Ithaca, NY (not a mailing address)
2007: Purchased land !!!
2008: Planted a few Black Currants, Gooseberries, Juneberries (Serviceberries) and one Kentucky Coffee Tree. Removed hundreds of invasive, non-native European Buckthorns and Tartarian Honeysuckle shrubs. Constructed woodland trails. Removed dead trees for a future windmill site. Removed alot of old trash and debris. Cleared field edge of fallen tress. Installed driveway entrance and gravel parking area and put up a farm sign.
2009: We'll be on the land in part of July-August to remove more invasives and to plant more forest farm edibles. Also stone bench and table construction. Call if you want to visit at that time - 863-263-2331 (mobile phone). We are on a shoestring budget, but are very dedicated.
2010 PLANS: To plant named nut varieties, groundnuts, fiddleheads, shade tolerant berries and more.
SITE: Two woodlands totaling five acres, plus a field that is two acres. Seven acres in total. Small stream. No buildings or facilities yet. Bordered on three sides by 400+ acres of the Howser Conservation Easement Land which is protected from development. Self-guided nature trails include lovely, mature, fruiting Black Walnuts as well as some fruiting Butternuts and Hickories. Also Sugar Maple and fruiting Nannyberries (Wild Raisins). Many useful trees including American Hornbeam, American Hophornbeam, Quaking Aspen, Wild Black Cherry, Ash, Canadian Serviceberry, Gray Dogwood, Black Willow, Oak, Pine, American Basswood, Hawthorn, Eastern Red Cedar, Box Elder, Tulip Tree, etc. Many native wild medicinals are on the property including my favorite, the Great Blue Lobelia.
NOTE: We want to visit demonstrations of forest farming in New York state, no matter how small, so please let me know if you are open to visitors.
WEBSITE: (go to the bottom of the homepage for photos).
PHONE: Andy Firk, 863-993-3228 (In Florida, at Bamboo Grove, our organic winter homestead)


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