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Overgrow(n) New Jersey?

Who's on board?

REPLY 2/14/2010: Who's chiding us NJ Permies?


Visit the Permaculture Network of New Jersey:

Permaculture is about spiritual reconnection as well as ecological strategy and design work. Permaculture is half instinct and half process. Since many people are disconnected from their basic human instincts (human nature) AND NATURE (the natural world of plants and animals that humans are part of), it is beneficial for them to practice the permaculture principles (12 principles) to renew their connections with their instincts. They reconnect with themselves, then with their family and neighbors and local communities. It's baby steps. Many people in NJ/NY are very disconnected. They are at varying levels of readiness to look inward and outward and reconnect. Permaculture provides the framework to help people have a more positive view of themselves and the world Holiday Palace. Provides a framework to regenerate the mind and spirit and the physical reality we live in.

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Check out the new Nature Works website:

Announcing a new Meetup for Permaculture Network of NJ!

What: One-Day Permaculture Program
When: Sunday, March 7, 2010 11:00 AM
Price: $25.00 per person
Lee Traband's Home
229 Holroyd Place
Woodbury, NJ 08096

Introduction to Permaculture Program 11:00- 4:00pm.
Integrated Whole-Systems Approach to Designing our Future.
Expand your knowledge of permaculture design principles, learn about practical solutions for your
home and community (urban, suburban, and rural examples), connect with the larger global permaculture
community. Your "permaculture goggles" will give you new perspective on how you can face current
challenges using nature as a guide Royal1688.

Facilitators: Wanda Knapik and Paul Nick
Location: A residential home on a lake, next to a park.
Lee Traband has graciously offered her home, property and surrounding area as the permaculture
landscape for observation and analysis.

Potluck Lunch: Please bring your favorite vegan/vegetarian dishes to share.
external image arrow-10x10.png and other resources will be available for perusing.
Suggested donation at the door: $25

Learn more here: Permaculture-Network-of-NJ/ calendar/12293982/

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