Permaculture Organizations and Businesses in New York

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Contents of this page include:
  • Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute, Ithaca, NY
  • Emerald City Permaculture, Ithaca, NY Fingerlakes Bioregion, Cayuga Watershed
  • Green Phoenix Permaculture, New York City and High Falls, NY
  • One Nature, Brooklyn, NY
  • Appleseed Permaculture, Rensselaer County, Hudson Valley, NY
  • Design by Nature, Catskill mountains, ny (near Woodstock)
  • School of Living Arts, New Lebanon, NY. Northern Columbia County - (Berkshires/ Hudson Valley)
  • Better Farm, Redwood, NY
  • The Alchemical Nursery, Syracuse NY and Central Upstate NY

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2962 Swamp Road
Alpine, NY 14805


Emerald City Permaculture

Ithaca, NY Fingerlakes Bioregion, Cayuga Watershed
Joshua Dolan
Neighborhood based permaculture activism with an Ecocity focus
Permaculture consultation as well as ecocity permaculture publications
Demonstration projects across the area available for tours and inspiration
Call Josh (607) 280-5500 or email

*Sustainable organic garden design & maintnence
*Forest Gardens and Agroforestry design
*Butterfly, bird and wildlife gardens
*Trellises and dry stone walls
*Inviting outdoor spaces & Children’s playscapes
*Sustainable woodland management and native habitat restoration
*Site assesment for large and small properties

New York City and surrounds:

Green Phoenix Permaculture

New York City and High Falls, NY
Green Phoenix Permaculture is a non-profit organization that inspires and facilitates individuals in the Northeastern United States to build an economy based on care for the earth, care for people and the return of surplus.
We will conduct classes, seminars, and community outreach on Permaculture, natural building, communication and decision making skills and other related topics. In addition, we will create a community land trust, which will acquire property in the region in order to make it available for organic agriculture, affordable, environmentally friendly housing and socially and environmentally responsible small businesses or, to preserve it in its natural state.
Mail Server:

For NEW YORK CITY and other regional events, sign up to the New York Permaculture Meetup at:
- Get updates on permaculture events in the region and find a meet up near you!
- Activities include discussions, screenings, presentations, and opportunities to help build up community gardens and incorporate permaculture into existing gardens, learn design, and get your hands in the dirt.
- Local Brooklyn, Queens, Inwood (Manhattan) and Manhattan (general) groups forming!


Ecological Landscape Design and Planning
Brooklyn, NY

One Nature uses design to bring people and their environment closer together. We help our clients and partners develop landscapes firmly rooted in environmental ethics without sacrificing their desire for beautiful and livable places. We believe that environmentally responsible designs have the power to improve the health of our clients both physically and mentally. Our extended network of local designers, artists, suppliers, and other professionals allows our clients to support the environment and the local creative community at the same time.

"Living well with the Earth"

Center for Bioregional Living programs educate and inform people to create abundance, health and regional self-sufficiency through cooperating with nature.

Offering regenerative design services applying permaculture and ecological principles.
Andrew Faust is one of the premier Permaculture teachers and designers in North America with
17 years of Permaculture experience, 10 years as a certified alternative school teacher (Upattinas-Glenmoore, PA)
and 8 years living off-the–grid in rural West Virginia. Andrew now lives in Brooklyn where he is applying his knowledge to urban needs and developing The Center for Bioregional Living site in Ellenville, NY, a pilot campus for his New York City students and clients.

Adriana Magaña is a certified Permaculture Designer and Horticulturist (Brooklyn Botanic Garden)
not to mention a talented musician. She has been obsessively crafting hand made beauty products, herbal remedies
and cordials and has started teaching these obsessions to the very interested public. Adriana is co-developing The Center for
Bioregional Living

AppleSeed Permaculture

Rensselaer County, Hudson Valley, NY

AppleSeed Permaculture is a holistic land-use consulting business focused on teaching and applying the ideas of Permaculture Design in the Hudson Valley. I am currently available for:
- Presentations and Workshops (Permaculture, Pruning, Fruit Trees, )
- Design of Self-maintaining Forest Gardens
- Orchard and Fruit Tree Care

Contact: Ethan Roland, 518-610-1375,

Design by Nature Landscaping

catskill mountains, ny (near woodstock)
permaculture inspired landscaping
specializing in edible and medicinal landscapes
design, implementation, and maintenance
edible plant nursery
demonstration gardens
914 536 5822
contact: alex zivian

SCHOOL OF LIVING ARTS for Creativity & Ecological Culture
New Lebanon, NY. Northern Columbia County - (Berkshires/ Hudson Valley)
Offering programs in Art, Cosmology, Healing, Creativity, Ecological Agriculture, Individual and Community Empowerment

Our first program, “How to Transform a Northeast Homestead Into a Model of Sustainability,” is a five-day intensive, hands-on design and implementation of Permaculture and Biodynamic principles and will take place August 24th-August 28th, 2009. Taught by Andrew Faust, one of the premier Permaculture teachers in North America, this course is open to everyone from beginners to graduates of the Permaculture Design Certification program.

Contact Info:
Angela Manno

Adirondacks Region:
Better Farm is an environmentally-friendly artists’ retreat and sustainable education center set on 65 acres in Redwood, N.Y. Its mission is to adhere all disciplines to the Better Theory, a belief that every experience offers an opportunity for immense personal growth. Each moment makes us better.

Better Farm strives to offer each person a chance to seize his or her moments and full potential. The Better crew is in the process of applying green renovations to a turn-of-the-century farmhouse, with hopes of being a mecca for those interested in alternative methods of building, thinking, living, and doing. Programming of classes, seminars and activities is currently being scheduled for Spring/Summer 2010.

If you want to get involved, sign up for our newsletter or even just want to learn more, visit us online at You can also follow us on our blog or on Facebook.

Contact Info:
For information about live/work share opportunities, donations, tours, and for press inquiries:
Nicole Caldwell
Co-founder and Executive Director

For teaching opportunities, classes, events, sustainable programs and to sign up for our newsletter:
Corinne Rochelle
Director of Programming and Permaculture

For all other inquiries:


Also available on Facebook (of course ;>) at

The Alchemical Nursery Project is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the development of sustainable, regenerative urban lifestyles and landscapes, and furthering the principles of Permaculture, with the ultimate goal of creating right livelihood and community utilizing the ecovillage & intentional communities frameworks and philosophy.

The goal of evolving an ecovillage in the context of a currently existing urban mosaic is a long-term project, growing from an eco-house to an eco-block to an eco-hood to an eco-village. To achieve this goal, Alchemical is working on creating the major supporting systems of everyday life that any ecovillage needs for success. These systems should be plainly present and in balanced proportions, such as residences, food production, manufacturing, recreation, social life, and commerce (Gilman, 1991).

By providing the resources, dialogue space, and networks needed for those interested in the movement for sustainable cities, we are furthering our goal to contribute to the growth of the urban ecovillage movement locally, nationally, and globally.

Or contact us at:
(315) 308-1372

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