Want to review others' permaculture designs?

Add your name and contact information below, or virtually review some of the designs posted here.

Want to have your design reviewed or receive input?

Reviews can happen virtually by creating a link in this section for your site/ design. Post all of the review critieria that you may have and your contact information.

People seeking reviews can also contact reviewers by searching the list below.

Peer Review Circles

If you want to review other's sites, and have your own site or design reviewed, create a peer review rotation using this website and the contact information of people in your area. Also, feel free to post classes or workshops in your area as potential reviewers.

During the organizational meeting at D-Acres on November 5, 2005 we decided on the following criteria for peer review:

Before submiting a design or seeking review, have the following steps of the design process completed to the best of your ability:

Clear articulation of Goals and Problems.

Thorough Site Analysis and Assesment of the following items from the 'Scale of Permanance':

Climate and Landform, Water, Buildings and Infastructure, Access and Circulation, Soils, Microclimates, Vegetation, Zones of Use

Willing to review designs:

Keith Morris earthsurfing@yahoo.com 802 734 1129
my designs will be posted here soon, looking forward to getting some feedback on them from the wiki!