EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA PERMACULTURE GUILD 730 members strong & growing -- Join us!

For permaculture enthusiasts in Eastern Pennsylvania, the Delaware Valley, S. Jersey, DE and the other parts of the region, there's a wonderful, active and growing group (700 + members to date!), the EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA PERMACULTURE GUILD! Membership, events and activities are open to everyone and help us all create connections, learn more and live better.
We offer a flexible, non-residential weekend Permaculture Design Certificate Course in the Philadelphia Metro area and Permaculture Design Consultations.

Most meetings occur in the King of Prussia/Valley Forge Area, and we are happy to meet in other Holiday palace areas if a local person or group is available to host us. You can find more information and our meeting schedule online at OUR WEBSITE, or email eastern pa permaculture guildfor more information.


Metro-Philly weekend format PDC course has been announced, MAY 2012 - AUG 2012

For details please visit:


We offer other workshops, classes and learning opportunities throughout the year


The Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) plants orchards in the city of Philadelphia that provide healthy food, green spaces and community food security.

POP works with community-based groups and volunteers to plan and plant orchards filled with useful and edible plants. POP provides the plants, trees, and training. Community organizations own, maintain, and harvest the orchards, expanding community-based food production. Orchards are planted in formerly vacant lots, community gardens Ruby888, schoolyards, and other spaces, almost exclusively in low-wealth neighborhoods where people lack access to fresh fruit.

Please join POP in building community food security for Philadelphia’s future!

POP's Orchard Director, Phil Forsyth, also produces an interesting and informative blog focused on edible landscapes, urban farms
and food growing in Philadelphia. You can find the Phigblog online at http://phigblog.com/.

Pittsburgh Permaculture

PittsburghPermaculture.org showcases the progressive, environmentally sound food production of beautifully developed intentional ecosystems. We hope this site will educate, inspire and motivate those who are interested in exploring the potential of their own backyards.

We provide design services as well as educational programs and events postings. The website contains a running blog of whats going on in and around Pittsburgh, updates on the projects we are working on and hosts a Permaculture Forum for the region.

Email us at info (at) pittsburghpermaculture.org