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This 'Green Map' will serve as an Open-Source, Skill-Sharing and Social-Networking Platform that Connects Permaculturists and Ecological Farmers/Gardeners throughout the Northeast Bio-region.
Please use this interactive platform to share information about your Permaculture projects, experiments in agro-forestry, mushroom cultivation, bio-char, ecological orchards, biodynamic and biointensive gardening.



Just_Logo.jpg http://permaculturetas.org


National and International Listserves and resources

For some national and international listserves and places to get great advice on whatever your Permaculture related question is check out:



Permaculture Credit Union



The NE Permaculture Listserve

The listserve is an open discussion and notification of classes, workshops, and other events, and can serve to locate and inform others of designers, demonstration sites, and other resources. It is intended to be focused on issues of concern to the whole northeastern region.

To join the list visit:


Northeast Coppice Google Group
This group is devoted to research, experimentation and development of coppice forestry and other innovative silvicultural systems in the northeastern United States. We provide an active forum for questions, discussion, data sharing and research trials focused on polewood and product production. http://groups.google.com/group/northeastcoppice

Upstate New York Permaculture Network

Network with people interested in permaculture in any of New York's counties north of New York City. Permaculture practitioners from anywhere are welcome to join, share ideas and projects, and promote events. Sign up with the **Upstate NY Permaculture Google Group.**


Hudson Valley Permaculture Listserve:

Communication by and for, but not limited to, the Hudson Valley watershed region


or visit:

Finger Lakes Region
This is a list for those who wish to discuss, share and announce ideas, methods, and events regarding permaculture in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, U.S.A.

Check out this vision document for a new fingerlakes focused designer's cooperative:

Burlington (Vermont) Permaculture:
Burlington Permaculture unites neighbors to promote urban agriculture and reforestation, enhance neighborhoods, and strengthen the web of community resources as we look beyond sustainability towards a healthy relationship with our landscape.


Download an Organizational Vision for Northeastern Permaculture: (Microsoft Word)

Download an extended resource list: (Microsoft Word)

Download a short resource list: (Microsoft Word)

Download the 'Climate-Find' document to determine sun angles, precipitation figures, and temperatures for your specific location:
(Microsoft Word)

These files are slightly out of date. If you have changes or improvements, feel free to add them and re-upload!