9th Annual Northeast Permaculture Convergence

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Event webpage: http://neconvergence.com/

The 9th Annual Northeast Permaculture Convergence will be held July, 5 to 7, 2013, in one of Ruby888 the most beautiful villages of Quebec, Frelighsburg, an hour southeast of Montreal and an hour north of Burlington.

A permaculture convergence is a meeting designed to bring together and energize those who are interested in permaculture. Participants are generally attending to learn, share and build relationships with great people, while creating a dynamic community. A convergence is a friendly and safe event, providing an opportunity for the whole family to spend an inspiring weekend, seeing life through the lens of permaculture.

The Northeast Permaculture Convergence is an annual event organized since 9 years. It was created and is supported by the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (PINE).

Register here - http://neconvergence.com/registration/

8th Annual Northeast Permaculture Convergence

Review the thoughts and ideas gathered during location and topic based break-out discussion groups here:

Hello 2012 Northeast Permaculture Convergence attendees, volunteers, presenters, vendors and sponsors!
We hope you continue to be energized by the convergence and post-convergence happenings over the last few months. One yield of the event has been the organization of an Eastern MA Permaculture Guild which will meet regularly starting this month to strengthen the network, build skills and share experiences. Drawing energy to the location of the convergence is one of the event’s goals, and we are excited to see the guild forming.
During the convergence, there were several break-out discussion groups designed to offer folks the opportunity to connect by region or topic. Here is Holiday Palace compilation of all notes from the topical break-out groups on Sunday:

We encourage you to continue the conversation using the Northeast Permaculture NING: http://northeastpc.ning.com/. A communications working group has already formed on the NING based on these discussions.
We also encourage you to add your information, current projects and events to the Northeast Permaculture Wiki here: http://northeasternpermaculture.wikispaces.com/ and continue to stay connected via various listservs here: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/northeasternpermaculture
See you at the next event, gathering, or at the discussion forums -
The Convergence Organizing Team
*If you are interested in attending or hosting Eastern MA Permaculture Guild meetings or contributing to the discussion online, join the Eastern MA Permaculture Guild rise-up list serv or email contact@ourpermatrip.com expressing your interest.
Thank you to everyone that came to the 8th Annual Northeast Permaculture Convergence and for making it such an incredible event. Some awesome folks documented their experiences:
Here are some photos and videos that captured the weekend:
Video of the Closing Ceremony:
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Volunteers meeting Friday afternoon
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Opening Ceremony
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Friday Night Keynote with Lisa DePiano
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Saturday Workshop in the Barn
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Clover Food Truck from behind vendor and info tables
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Saturday Keynote with Scott Kellogg
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The Kids Program Parade on Saturday
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Good morning sheep.
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Sunday morning break-out groups.
2012 NEPC Digital Flyer
2012 NEPC Digital Flyer

July 13-15th, 2012
Soule Homestead Education Center, 46 Soule St, Middleborough, MA
  • Interact with each other and observe each others' strategies and successes;
  • Catch and store the excitement and energy that comes with collaboration and sharing with the community;
  • Walk away with a yield (new ideas, strengthened relationships, & next steps);
  • Share your own strategies and receive feedback on how to improve their efficiency;
  • Learn about renewable resources in your bio-region;
  • Collaborate and imagine with others how to produce as little waste as possible in your own homestead;
  • Take a weekend to step back and think about the design of your own life;
  • Integrate with others in your bio-region;
  • Develop new slow and small solutions, learn about local resources and produce more sustainable outcomes;
  • Use and value the diversity of the Northeast's resources and people;
  • Learn about the differences among bio-regions across the Northeast and use these edges and margins to your advantage;
  • Meet new people, learn about how they work, and create new ideas from theirs.

The 6th Annual Northeast Permaculture Convergence

"Envision Resilience! Inspired By Nature!" was held July 2-4 2010 in Unity Maine
For all the details go to: http://northeastconvergence.wordpress.com/

Links to 2010 Convergence Photos:
Other Media:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK1jJ14uPv0&feature=player_embedded Handheld GPS Units
Links to 2010 Convergence Press:

[This space for sunday open space scribe notes...to be posted soon]

5th Annual Northeastern Permaculture Convergence "Permaculture in Practice"




AllTogetherNow! Living Arts Center East Montpelier, VT170 Cherry Tree Hill Rd,East Montpelier, VT

For questions about registration contact Doni: PermacultureConvergenceRegistration@hotmail.com

To volunteer to help organize, please contact Janice Walrafen: jwalrafen@myfairpoint.net

To submit a workshop proposal please contact Janice Lloyd: pamfurbie@hotmail.com

For information about farm tours preceding the conference, contact Keith Morris:earthsurfing@gmail.com

For information, notes, and video from previous Summer Gatherings, visit : Summer Gathering wikipage

Weekend Schedule- at a glance


3:00-7:00 Arrival and Check-In
6:00-7:30 Dinner
7:30 Welcome and Orientation
8:00 pm Keynote panel: “Permaculture in Practice,” with Dave Jacke, Grace Gershuny, Jim Merkel, Keith Morris, and others.
10:00 meet and greet by the fireside


6:45-7:45 am Yoga
7:00-8:30 Breakfast
7:00-8:30 Registration
9:00 - 12:00 Workshops (2 sessions) & Site Visits (see below)
12:00 Circle / Check-in
Lunch and demonstrations
2:00-5:00 Workshops (2 sessions) & Site Visits
5:00-6:00 Open Space and Demos
6:00-7:30 Dinner with Regional Reports
6:30 Puppet Performance
8:00 Music: Red Barn Radio Roadshow and Squaredance
10:00 Acoustic Old-Time Jugband: "The Indestructible String Band"


6:45-7:45 am Yoga
7:00-8:30 Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Workshops (2 sessions) & Site Visits
12:00 Closing Circle / Wrap-up
Clean-up; Depart

Convergence schedule in detail:


3:00-7:00 Arrival and Check-In
6:00-7:30 Dinner
7:30 Welcome and Orientation
8:00 pm Keynote panel: “Permaculture in Practice,” with Vermont permaculturists
10:00 meet and greet by the fireside
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6:45-7:45 am Yoga
7:00-8:30 Breakfast
7:00-8:30 Registration

9-12: Site visit: East Hill Tree Farm and neighbors, Plainfield

9-10:15: Session 1
Herb Garden Tour – Adrienne Allison
“Urine Luck” – Carl Etnier
Base Mapping – Mai Frank
The "Wise Acre" Design Challenge: How to use Ecological Footprints to design a globally equitable permaculture site—Jim Merckel

10:30 – 11:45: Session 2
Wild Edibles: Connecting with Head and Heart in Transition Times– Annie McCleary/George Lisi
Integrating Animals into Rural Ag. Education – Josh Trought
Permaculture in Building – Ben Graham Becoming
Teaching Permaculture To College Students- Steve Gabriel
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Saturday PM

12:00 Circle-up gathering/blessing (lunch 12-2)
12 – 2: Lunch-time discussion: Permaculture on a Shoestring, with Matthew Delorey

1 – 2: Demonstrations
Roots School – Primitive skills Nick Neddo
Biochar – David Ludt
Spiritual Dowsing: Communicating with Nature, Gardens and the Body for Healing- Annie McCleary

2 – 5: Site visit: Maple Hill forest gardens and Maple Hill Community Farm CSA, Plainfield

2 – 3:30: Session 3
Designing a Permaculture Business – Lisa/Alex (Pedal People)
Exploring the Eco-Hood- Alissa White and Hillary Martin
Scott Kellog- Recoding: dismantling legal obstacles to broadly applied permaculture
Permaculture vs. Climate Chaos – Eric Toensmeier and Brian Tokar
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3:45 – 5:15: Session 4
Seed Saving – Anne Miller
Guerilla Crop Storage – Chris Chaisson
Classroom Permaculture: Bringing Permaculture to our Young PeopleJessica Rubin, Kristen Getler, Liza Earle
Whole Systems Design-Case Studies – Ben Falk

5 –6: Demonstrations
Composting privies – (need facilitator)
Rocket Stove – David Ludt
Woodfired hot tub- Aliza
Roots School – Primitive skills- Nick Neddo
Green Woodworking- Mark Krawczyk

6:00-7:30 Circle-up Gathering/Blessing (Dinner with Regional Reports)
6:30 Puppet Performance by our Host Organization, ATN!
8:00 Music: Red Barn Radio Roadshow and Contradance, followed by bonfire & drum circle

Sunday AM

6:45-7:45 am Yoga
7:00-8:30 Breakfast

9 – 12: Site visit: Endangered Medicinal Plants Sanctuary (Jessica Rubin) and Physical Education, A New Beginning (David Maynard), Orchard Valley Waldorf School, East Montpelier

9 – 10: 15: Session 1
Embody Permaculture Through Yoga – Abigail Clarke
Keyline Design & Cultivation – Mark Krawczyk
Financial Permaculture – John Maeck
Becoming Grassroots: Finding Our Way to a Permaculture Movement– Rafter Sass

10:30-11:45 Session 2
Permaculture of Zen – Julia Kirk
The Challenges and Rewards of Organizing an Urban Permacullture Course – Philip Botwinick & Sharon Kimmelman
Soil Management – Grace Gershuny
Planning for Post-Civ: ReWilding Zone 5 - 'Matt! Bennett

12:00 Noon -- Closing circle, leftover lunch eat-in or take-out, clean-up, & departure

Updated stories, pictures and information from:

Summer Gathering 2008, which took place at Nuestras Raices Farm in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Summer Gathering 2007, which took place at Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute in New York

Summer Gathering 2006, which took place at D Acres in New Hampshire