Johnson, VT Lamoille River Valley

-Whole System Design
-Edible Forest Garden/ Ecological Reforestation
-Rare Species/ Varieties: Breeding, Propagation, and Seed Saving
-No-Till and Self-Sowing Gardens
-Kenyan Top Bar and other Experimental Beehives
-Solar Power, Solar Irrigation
-Riparian and Wildlife Habitat Restoration
-Pollinator Gardens, Pollinator Habitat
Prospect Rock Permaculture is a growing edible forest garden, ecological homestead, and education center in Johnson along the Lamoille River. We strive to demonstrate and educate about permaculture using whole system design, appropriate technology, and biodynamic growing techniques. We are combining reforestation and ecological restoration with healthy food production. We grow seed with High Mowing Organic Seeds, keep bees and wild craft medicinal plants for Honey Gardens Apiaries, and also work researching and educating about biodiesel. Be in touch for updates about classes, workshops, tours, and internship or apprentice opportunities.
New species/ breeding projects this year: 'Hican': Hickory x Pecan, Paw Paw, Hardy Kiwis, Russian Honeybees.

Contact: Keith Morris 802 734 1129

Liberty Farm & Homestead
West Farilee Vermont, Upper Connecticut River Valley.

The mission is to create a healthy and sustainable human habitat using old and modern techniques to build and restore our degraded hillside into lush permiculture site. A small 10.8 acre farm and home stead site nestled in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of Vermont. It is on a northwest-facing slope with about 40% meadow and 60% woodland. It consists of mostly red oak, sugar maple, beech, and hemlock.It currently has one existing man made pond, three year round streams, two running South to North, the other West to east, All draining towards the Connecticut River.
We are devoted to designing and building a healthy resilient life. We are creating a sustainable human habitat that yields abundance and develops a sense of permanence within a local geography. The intention is to develop an adaptive landscape and permanent structures, which are secure in the face of climate change, economic instability, peak oil and a variety of disasters. Liberty Farm & Homestead is constructed using an interdisciplinary approach working with modern and historical architecture and construction techniques, constructing earthworks to improve hydrology into a harvestable resource and Implementing progressive farming practices. Utilizing ecology, biology and biodiversity to maximize potential yields, eliminate waste all while improving the local landscape.

Workshops, skills training and classes soon to come.

Elmore, VT

Elmore Roots Nursery
1800 42 PLANT!

Windy Wood Farm - Barre, VT
- Orchard Restoration using Biodynamic Techniques
- Diversification of Orchard EcoSystem
- Building Soil
- Raised Bed Vegetables
- Polycultures

Currently observing and assessing for future designs which will include Food Forests, Ponds, Rainwater catchment, mushroom cultivation, medicinal herbs, a nursery and much more.

*The owners have just informed me that they are planning to sell the property. This could be a great opportunity for a group who would want to start a community or other institution. The main house has five bedrooms and there is an attached appartment with 2 bedrooms. There are also two appartments separate from the main house; the old picker's cabin where I live and a small 1 bedroom apartment. Being a one-time commercial orchard, there is plenty of additional space for storage, equipment, studios, workshops, etc. They have not decided on a price yet, but they are progressive minded people who would want to see the space in good hands. The surrounding area is under a good deal of stress from development, but could also be seen as a market for any industry started there. Please contact me if you are interested.

There is a good deal of space in outbuildings to host classes.

Contact Chris Jackson

Winooski Valley, Central Vermont

Cornerstone Permaculture - 2007-08 Pc DEMO SITES: malus_blossom01.png

  • Multi-storied Edible Forest Garden, Sterling College Campus, Craftsbury Common, VT
  • Multi-storied EFG (early stages), Fiddle Heads Raw Food Cafe, rt,12, Worcester, VT
  • Developing Permaculture Institute/Homestead, Cornerstone, rt.215, Marshfield, VT
Erecting dwelling in spring 08; American chestnut seeds planted, basket willow, rosa rugosa, two varieites of bamboo, four varieties of blueberry, butternut/black walnut seeds planted, black currants, black walnut, raspberries, chives, and +; huge spring 08 planting of EFG demo., living screens, timber trees, cover crops, annual garden, wildflowers, riparian plants along winooski river.....more.....
  • Numerous plantings of polycultures, guilds and multifunctional plants and woody species throughout the valley.
for info. on these sites and more regarding CORNERSTONE PERMACULTURE:
link us on the web:
cell: (802) 498.7471

Whole Systems Design**
Moretown, Vermont, Mad River Valley
10 acre site housing the following components:
3 ponds with edible perennial and wildlife plantings and future fish cultivation; 1500 square ft design studio and workshop featuring super insulated envelope, passive solar timber-framed design, solar hot water, slate roofing, clay plasters; sun-trapping sauna/outdoor living area; morel, stropharia, shittake, reishi, oyster mushroom cultivation; timbering and milling; rainwater catchment, graywater, earthworks, soil-building diverse annual gardens; edible landscaping via fruit, nut, berries, small-scale orchard with guilds; non-mowing groundcover trials, microclimate development at the landscape level.

Currently we have tent platforms for 4 tents, flat camping area for another dozen tents, 3000 square feet of indoor space, 750 square foot wood and metal shop, 900 square foot design studio/class space, swimming, sauna.