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What's a 'Wiki'?

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This is the participatory permaculture wiki of Northeastern America. Everyone from the permaculture network is welcome to add courses, events, demonstration sites, designer listings, or other resources. Explore and represent your state and region through the links in the left column. Check the Regional Calendar for up coming events, or add your own event.

NE Permaculture websites:
◇ Permaculture Institute of the Northeast: http://northeastpermaculture.org/

Northeastern Permaculture listserv: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/northeasternpermaculture

Northeast Permaculture social network: http://northeastpc.ning.com/

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About this Network

Since January 2005, permaculture activists throughout the Northeast have been meeting and actively creating a network for mutually supporting each other. We are working both locally and globally to spread permaculture and its diverse solutions for a better world.

More specifically we are:

1. A network of permaculture practitioners, teachers, designers, and students
2. Informing the public of permaculture farms, projects, courses and events
3. Establishing plant and seed banks, libraries, networks and databases
4. Advancing permaculture and forest gardening through research, scientific trials, and case studies
5. Developing and organize regional conferences and events
6. Integrating with the broader sustainability movement, marginalized groups, and a "mainstream" audience

Let's hear from you! Make this website your own by choosing the appropriate pages and clicking 'edit'. Or, put up a profile or start a discussion on the ning social network. Join the upcoming Winter VT-NOFA Conference Feb. 12. Burlington, Royal 1688 VT

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Local and Regional Permaculture Listservs

Northeastern Permaculture
Western Mass Permaculture Guild
Eastern Mass Permaculture Guild
Burlington Permaculture
Hudson Valley Permaculture
Finger Lakes Permaculture
EasternPennsylvania Permaculture Guild
Portland Maine Permaculture
NYC Permaculture
Syracuse, NY Permaculture Guild
Upstate NY Permaculture List

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What is Permaculture ?

Permaculture Is A Vision
"'Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre, and energy for provision of local needs.' People, their buildings and the ways they organise themselves are central to permaculture. Thus the vision of permanent (sustainable) agriculture has evolved to one of permanent (sustainable) culture." Communities, food systems, and living systems are integrated and mutually supporting as opposed to separated, exploitative, and destructive.

Permaculture Is A Design System
"(Permaculture is) the use of systems thinking and design principles that provide the organising framework for implementing the above vision. It draws together the diverse ideas, skills, and ways of living that need to be rediscovered and developed in order to empower us to move from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible and productive citizens."

Permaculture Is A Network
"...A worldwide network and movement of individuals and groups who are working in both rich and poor countries on all continents to demonstrate and spread permaculture design solutions."

Quotes from: David Holmgren, 'Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability) 2002

Permaculture is also a 'Language' empowering people to communicate landscape and ecological realities in relation to human goals, and a diverse and evolving 'Body of Literature', check out (or add titles to the) Permaculture Bibliography. Also, read more at the "Many Definitions of Permaculture"

New to Permaculture?
If you are new to permaculture and would like to be kept informed of happenings in the region, join the listserve at: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/northeasternpermaculture and keep checking back as this website grows with more information.
Also, check out the Calendar of Events and find a workshop or course near you!


The Main Branches of the Wiki:

Calendar of Meetings, Classes, Workshops, and Other Events - Read about upcoming events in the Northeast, or add your event.
Demonstration Sites - Find out where you can see Permaculture in action!
Employment, Internship, and Apprentice Opportunities - Check back soon for offerings of intrest to people experienced with or interested in learnings more about permaculture

Designer Database - Find a designer or permaculture consultant in your area, or add yourself to the list.
Teacher Database - Find a Permaculture educator in your area, or add yourself to the list.
Student/ Course Graduate Database - Find people who have taken Permaculture Design Courses, or add yourself to the list.

Artisteer 4.3 Full - View permaculture curricula for a variety of class formats, or join a working group to help contribute to and refine permaculture cirricula for different audiences and formats.
Permaculture on YouTube
Book Recomendations

bespoke conservatories

Needs & Offers - Click here to read about the offerings and needs of permaculture people in the area, and add yourself or barter.
Peer Review / Case Studies - Click this link if you are interested in viewing and reviewing people's designs or having your designs critiqued by other permaculturalists.
Plants, Seeds, Etc. - Find or offer unique varieties of plants and seeds for sale or exchange.
Permaculture Research - Research and articles relevant to advancing permaculture knowledge.

History of Northeastern Regional Organizing
Meeting Notes

The Permaculture Frappr! Find your neighbors and add yourself to the Permaculture 'Friend Mapper', an interactive map.
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