March 2010:

Permaculture in the Adirondacks:

How can the ecology of the Adirondacks better inform the ways we grow food and make our homes here?

Join professional ecological designer and educator Keith Morris for a day-long exploration of the potential for permaculture design to contribute to ecological regeneration and greater food security in the Adirondack region. In the morning, learn how to apply the principles of ecology to gardens that mimic forest ecosystem structure and function but grow food, fuel, fiber, fodder, fertilizer, ‘farmaceuticals’, and fun! The afternoon will be a hands-on application of forest gardening techniques with fruits, nuts, and berries at the Paul Smith’s College demonstration garden.

Saturday May 8 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Paul Smith’s College

Cost $25

Lunch not included

To register contact: Tom Huber, 518.327.6330


Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course at Paul Smith's College

Aug. 8-20, 2010

Course instructors: Peter Bane, Mark Krawczyk &
Keith Morris

For more information and to register contact:

Tom Huber @ 518.327.6330 or

Cost: $1190 includes text, course materials, field trip costs
and local food luncheons during week 1; students earn
4 upper division credits @ PSC (ENV 399); housing,
camping options and meal plans also available by request.

December 2009:

Better Farm is an environmentally-friendly artists’ retreat and sustainable education center set on 65 acres in Redwood, N.Y. Its mission is to adhere all disciplines to the Better Theory, a belief that every experience offers an opportunity for immense personal growth. Each moment makes us better.

Better Farm strives to offer each person a chance to seize his or her moments and full potential. The Better crew is in the process of applying green renovations to a turn-of-the-century farmhouse, with hopes of being a mecca for those interested in alternative methods of building, thinking, living, and doing. Programming of classes, seminars and activities is currently being scheduled for Spring/Summer 2010.

If you want to get involved, sign up for our newsletter or even just want to learn more, visit us online at You can also follow us on our blog or on Facebook.

Contact Info:
For information about live/work share opportunities, donations, tours, and for press inquiries:
Nicole Caldwell
Co-founder and Executive Director

For teaching opportunities, classes, events, sustainable programs and to sign up for our newsletter:
Corinne Rochelle
Director of Programming and Permaculture

For all other inquiries:

Sept. 5, 2009
Permaculture Comes to the Adirondacks!

Peter Bane

ADKs Permaculture Grads at Paul Smith's College

Posted 8/25/09


Paul Smiths College hosts what is believed to be the first ever Permaculture Design Certification course in New York's Adirondacks. 23 students, community members, Transition organizers, and college faculty are attending a course taught by Pater Bane and Keith Morris- plotting, scheming, and designing ecological culture for the North Country.
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Interviews with students in the course:

Interviews with students