These are some of our favorite places to see permaculture in action, learn, and be inspired. Some are more established, others are just begining to be implemented. Some demonstrate comprehensive permaculture design, while others are simply good examples of elements appropriate to permaculture in our region. Please feel free to add any sites you may know of, and update information about existing sites.

You can use the general information Template at the bottom of this page (copy and paste), but do not be restricted by it-- you can add or subtract whatever you feel to meet the needs of your site.

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Urban Permaculture Homesteads Communities Educational Centers Farms

Liberty Farm & Homestead
West Farilee Vermont, Upper Connecticut River Valley.

The mission is to create a healthy and sustainable human habitat using old and modern techniques to build and restore our degraded hillside into lush permiculture site. A small 10.8 acre farm and home stead site nestled in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of Vermont. It is on a northwest-facing slope with about 40% meadow and 60% woodland. It consists of mostly red oak, sugar maple, beech, and hemlock.It currently has one existing man made pond, three year round streams, two running South to North, the other West to east, All draining towards the Connecticut River.
We are devoted to designing and building a healthy resilient life. We are creating a sustainable human habitat that yields abundance and develops a sense of permanence within a local geography. The intention is to develop an adaptive landscape and permanent structures, which are secure in the face of climate change, economic instability, peak oil and a variety of disasters. Liberty Farm & Homestead is constructed using an interdisciplinary approach working with modern and historical architecture and construction techniques, constructing earthworks to improve hydrology into a harvestable resource and Implementing progressive farming practices. Utilizing ecology, biology and biodiversity to maximize potential yields, eliminate waste all while improving the local landscape.

Workshops, skills training and classes soon to come.

Pemigawassett River Watershed

D Acres
Streeter Woods Rd, Dorchester 603.786.2366
- Offers residency, employment, workshops events and fine wooden crafts
- website: www.dacres.org
- Monthly Events include Community Potluck Open MIc, First Sunday Farm Feast Open House, Pizza and a Movie Night, and Volunteer Days

About Us:

D evelopment
A imed at
C reating
R ural
E cological
S ociety

D Acres was founded in 1997. The mission of the organization is to function as an educational center that researches, applies and teaches skills of sustainable living and small-scale organic farming. Striving to improve the human relationship to the environment, the center functions as a demonstration farm to role model exemplars of healthy living. Sharing a communal living situation, individuals come to respect and share values of interdependence and love of nature. In addition, the organization supports educational activities directed toward improving the quality of life of residents and the larger community. Our intentions are to:

  • develop a farm system sustainable and suitable to this climate to act as a demonstration and experimental model;
  • increase consciousness about people’s impact on the environment by limiting our consumption of fossil fuels and other resources; reducing, reusing, recycling; as well as emphasizing local and onsite production and consumption;
  • develop skills as a group to problem solve, organize and pursue an agreed agenda;
  • interact with and contribute to the community at large providing goods, services and educational opportunities while representing the vision of the organization;
  • provide a training center for development of skills related to organic farming, forestry, landscaping, eco-friendly construction and cottage crafts;
  • and develop personal and group skills to improve economic viability through “cottage style” industry.

The name of the farm was created to respectfully acknowledge the gift of the land. Aunt e”D”ith and uncle “D”elbert moved to Dorchester in 1948. They provided a tradition of living and working with the land. Edith taught early American decorative painting and was an accomplished artist and crafter. Deb worked in blacksmithing, woodworking, animal husbandry and gardening for food.

D Acres aims to combine the benefits of tradition and technology to improve the health of the planet and its inhabitants

Prospect Rock Permaculture
Johnson, VT Lamoille River Valley
Prospect Rock Permaculture is a growing edible forest garden, ecological homestead, and education center in Johnson along the Lamoille River. We study, practice, and educate about permaculture, whole system design, appropriate technology, and biodynamic growing techniques. Reforestation and ecological restoration plantings also grow healthy food and medicines for humans and wildlife, and maintain or enhance the ecological integrity of the site. We grow seed with High Mowing Organic Seeds, keep bees and wildcraft medicinal plants for Honey Gardens Apiaries, and are presently experimenting, researching, and breeding very interesting uncommon plants. Be in touch for updates about classes, workshops, tours, and internship or apprentice opportunities.
Contact: Keith Morris earthsurfing@yahoo.com 802 734 1129

Whole Systems Design - Whole Systems Research FarmWSD_Project_Samples.jpg
Moretown, Vermont, Mad River Valley
10 acre site housing the following components:
3 ponds with edible perennial and wildlife plantings and future fish cultivation; 1500 square ft design studio and workshop featuring super insulated envelope, passive solar timber-framed design, solar hot water, slate roofing, clay plasters; sun-trapping sauna/outdoor living area; morel, stropharia, shittake, reishi, oyster คาสิโน mushroom cultivation; timbering and milling; rainwater catchment, graywater, earthworks, soil-building diverse annual gardens; edible landscaping via fruit, nut, berries, small-scale orchard with guilds; non-mowing groundcover trials, microclimate development at the landscape level.
Rice paddies at the Whole Systems Research Farm
Rice paddies at the Whole Systems Research Farm

Currently we have tent platforms for 4 tents, flat camping area for another dozen tents, 3000 square feet of indoor space, 750 square foot wood and metal shop, 900 square foot design studio/class space, swimming, sauna.

WHOLE SYSTEMS SKILLS - our training organization:

Nuestras Raices, Holyoke, Ma

Paradise Lot: Holyoke Edible Forest Garden, Holyoke, MA
With over 200 species of useful and edible perennial and annual plants, we are having fun playing with the forest garden idea. We'd love for you to visit us if you're in the area. We sell plants, external image arrow-10x10.png, offer tours and workshops. For more visit www.ParadiseLot.com

Tripple Brook Farm Nursery, Southampton, Ma
Edibles, natives, multi-use plants. Excellent established examples of some plants. Very knowledgeable.

Sirius Community, Shutesbury, Ma
Natural building, gardens, orchard, alt energy systems, compost toilets, intentional, spiritual, community

Pedal People, Northampton, Ma
Worker-owned and operated, human-powered hauling and delivery service

CISA, Community In Support of Agriculture,
South Deerfield, Ma

Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network,
www.pvsn.org [[http://www.nuestras-raices.org/|]]

Montview Neighborhood Farm
Northampton, Ma
No-till, human-powered CSA serving neighbors who live within three blocks of the farm. Property is Conservation land leased from the City of Northampton.

Dragonfly Farm

Webster, NH
Rainwater Catchment, Pasture Renovation, Edible Hedgerow, Integrated Farm: Goats, Sheep, Poultry
Site is an old orchard razed by a bulldozer, top soil gone in many spots, large rocks
Website: www.dragonflyfarm.net
We welcome visitors, volunteers, tours.

Aranya Gardens in Britain
(excerpt of design from www.aranyagardens.co.uk)

Location: Weantinock is the name of the local Indian tribe that was here before the town was settled
Elements: healing, soil building, composting, naturalism, community, family, suburban permaculture, teaching
Design Plan: integrating 4 season food/medicine supply utilizing, microclimates & suitable crops,
food storage, and wild forage technique.
Description of site: woodland oak forest neighborhood, .6 acre lot with a long house suitable for good size meetings.
All are welcome. Building is taking place right now [2011], design has been created with a small Chinampas system fed
by rainwater catchment, work is being done with can heaters, as well as simple compost heat systems from household
waste. Outreach to integrate sustainability and empowerment into the network of past relations is occurring at this time as
Photos: www.weantinockpermaculture.wordpress.com

Newforest InstituteNewforest.jpg

66 Monroe Highway
Brooks, Maine

Vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens; mushroom garden; forest garden; sliding greenhouse; ponds; chickens; bin, wind row, and humanure composting; restored farm house/education center and tent village; resident staff and apprentices; Tarm furnace; outdoor cob oven; soil and habitat restoration.

Apprenticeships, workshops, courses, herb walks, and monthly potlucks with guest speakers (2nd Tuesday).

Volunteers: welcome especially on Friday afternoons
Visitors: welcome
Tours: request in advance preferred
Overnights: can be arranged in advance

The Newforest Institute is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the traditional balance between people, communities, and the land. Newforest serves as a northeast hub for permaculture and maintains a teaching and demonstration facility located on 300 acres of forests, fields, and permaculture gardens in the village of Brooks in mid-coast Maine.

(207) 722-3625

Nutwood Farm - Cummington, MA

7 acre hazelnut and chestnut regenerative agroforesty farm

-Contour swale earthworks (1.5 acres+)
-Hedgerows/alleycropping with rotational grazing pasture management system
-Mixed perennial fruit and nut (incl. seaberry, honeyberry, medlar, jujube, paw paw and persimmon)
-Passive solar timber frame straw bale home w/ geodesic greenhouse (under construction)

Sara Tower and Kalyan Uprichard


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Contact Info: Website, email, phone
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