Based on community feedback calling for clarity and access to the many permaculture sites and projects in our region, volunteers and members of PINE (Permaculture Institute of the Northeast / are developing an integrated and searchable database. Part of this database will include a listing of employment, internship, apprenticeship, and post-PDC continuing education opportunities.

Our goals are to make the database:
  • Free and accessible via the internet
  • User- and community-generated, so that sites can post their own details.
  • Searchable according a variety of criteria
  • Include “feedback” features so users can rate their experiences at the sites listed

You’re invited to participate and help define and refine the concepts and fields that should be included:
(1) See the evolving list of FIELDS below, and please add to the list. (Use the "Edit" Tab at the the top/right of the page to gain write-access.)
(2) Join the discussion about these questions - help us refine them (Use the "Discussion" Tab at the top/right of the page)

What kinds of information do you want to know about a potential employment/internship/apprenticeship experience?

Sponsoring Organization
Contact Person/Info (Email, phone)
Location (town, STATE-please spell out the state)

Position/Title Available (eg. Intern, Apprentice, Farm Manager, etc...)
General Term: Term (How long, when-to-when; flexible)
Start Date/End Date Cost (both ways; fees, stipend, or salary, etc.)
Application Process (e.g. see website; written application; phone interview; "try-out" probation period)
Requirements/Pre-requisites: (none, PDC, required reading, x years or months of experience, etc.)
Living Situation/Room and Board (e.g. shared yurt, cabin/bunk, tent space provided, fend for yourself, 2 meals/day, etc.)
Educational Approaches (individual study/research and application, access to workshops, supervised work)
Training Opportunities (e.g. you get to direct experience re: work with kids, manage a CSA, learn marketing, web design, run and office, design workshops, etc.)
PDC Offered as part of Apprenticeship/Internship (yes, no, maybe, etc.)

Scale of Production (growing is geared towards self, community, CSA, broader market?)
Other Opportunities from this organization
Spiritual/Religious/ Philosophical affiliations, if any:
Do you take Day Visitors or have Regular Tours / Visiting Hours?
Do have plants or seeds to share or sell?
Do you conduct plant or polyculture research, tests, trials at your site?
About the site (any special notes about your site? e.g. )
What specific permacultural applications, techniques, or technologies do you have at your site?
Keywords: coppice, forest garden, annual garden, herbal, food processing, CSA, คาสิโนออนไลน์, etc.

Providers: Please continue to list your internships below, including anything/everything you feel is relevant to your site. Consider the list above and include info that prospective interns/apprentices have asked for! (above). *Please try to remove your postings once it's out-dated*
Searchers: Use the "Find" function in your web browser to search this page!

2018 Beginning Farmer Fellowships at Willow Brook Farm & Art Center

Willow Brook Farm & Art Center (WBFAC) is pleased to announce a Call for Applications for our 2018 Beginning Farmer Fellowships. Willow Brook Farm is an organic homestead encompassing 76 acres in the heart of New Hampshire.

The Beginning Farmer Fellowship is a two-year cycle program that offers a unique opportunity for advanced beginning farmers to build their own farming business by providing access to land and support. First year fellows will explore farming practices by coordinating growing for the WBFAC Community Supported Agriculture program. The second year of the fellowship provides the opportunity for the fellow to develop a self-directed farming business, retaining earnings for their own future farm investment. Fellows receive access to land and equipment, stipends, housing and mentorship.

The deadline for the application is February 15, 2018 for fellowships beginning this spring. To apply or for more information on Willow Brook Farm & Art Center and the 2018 Beginning Farmer Fellowships, please visit us at

Paid Farm and Food Education Fellowship - Virginia
Allegheny Mountain Institute Fellowship Applications Now Available

Allegheny Mountain Institute (AMI) is seeking applicants for its Fellowship program. Now in its seventh year, the 18-month Fellowship prepares and empowers individuals to become teachers and ambassadors for a more vibrant and accessible local food system. Selected Fellows spend six months in immersive training on our mountain farm campus (Phase I) and one year in service work with non-profit partner organizations (Phase II). AMI is an educational non-profit organization with the mission to cultivate healthy communities through food and education based in Staunton, VA.

Phase I – Farm Study (April 22-October 31, 2018)
  • Explore local food system leadership opportunities and participate in school gardens, farmers markets, and other community events.
  • Study regenerative farming, nutrition and wellness, permaculture design, and community development through expert guest instructors, field trips, and educational sessions.
  • Gain hands-on experience in sustainable fruit and vegetable production, small animal husbandry, beekeeping, homesteading skills and more on our mountain farm in Highland County, VA.
  • Stay in handcrafted cabins, study in wifi-equipped common spaces, and share farm-fresh meals supplemented with whole food staples.
  • Receive $1,000 upon successful completion.

Phase II – Service Work (January 2- December 31, 2019)
  • Work with AMI and Partner Organizations to help build healthy communities through food and education in Highland and Augusta Counties, Virginia.
  • Contribute to projects such as: growing food and increasing food access,teaching nutrition and cooking, creating infrastructure for local food systems, and developing school gardens and site-based curriculum.
  • Build leadership skills through monthly professional development sessions and continuing education opportunities.
  • Receive an annual salary of $18,000 (less payroll taxes, paid bi-weekly).

Applicants must be physically fit, able to lift 50 pounds, walk distances up and down steep hills, work outdoors for extended periods of the day, and be comfortable living and working communally as a team in a remote, mountain setting. Applicants invited to participate in the Fellowship must pass a background check.

Applications are due by February 19, 2018 and are available at: are considered on a rolling basis and are reviewed as soon as complete. For more information please e-mail or call 540-886-0160.

AMI admits participants without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local laws.

2016 Apprenticeship in Sustainable Living: Permaculture, Natural Building, and Homesteading Skills at Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

Nestled against the virgin rainforest of La Cangreja National Park, Rancho Mastatal Sustainable Education Center has been teaching, exploring, and promoting techniques of living harmoniously in the landscape for 14 years. Renowned for it’s natural building and delicious culinary spreads of fresh homemade food, the Ranch offers profound, innovative and authentic apprenticeships throughout the year. Apprentices will experience a rural Costa Rican community, delight in 325 acres of pristine forests and waterfalls, and participate in a working permaculture farm.

Currently we are seeking applicants for our twelve month 2016 Apprenticeship in Sustainable Livingbeginning January 2016.

2016 Program Overview

Participants in Rancho Mastatal's Apprenticeship in Sustainable Living live and work with amazing people at the Ranch and in Mastatal. They make lifelong friends, participating in a style of living that oftentimes changes them forever. This experience offers the unique opportunity to become a part of the magic and beauty of a remote area of Costa Rica, while simultaneously learning tangible skills to take back home.

Our goals for this program are to:
  • empower individuals who are genuinely interested in creating a more sustainable world.
  • be a “living laboratory” for experiential education and the daily practice of skills you can use for the rest of your life.
  • inspire and enable individuals to continue to develop creative solutions and generate positive social change and sustainable practices in their own lives and communities after they leave.
  • prepare a group of capable individuals to help manage and care-take the Ranch during the months of August, September, October and November.
  • provide post-apprenticeship support through our networks.

We offer five to seven positions for our year long apprenticeship and a limited number of half year positions. The year long apprenticeship costs $475 per month for the first 7 months and includes your Wilderness First Responder Certification. The last 4 months of the apprenticeship is run as a work-trade. The total cost for the year long apprenticeship is $3,325. The cost of the half year apprenticeship is $375 per month.

Half year positions are only for the second half of the calendar year. The training differs significantly from full year positions in that it is done over a shorter period of time, and much of it will be led by the full year apprentices as part of their learning process. Roughly half of this time period occurs during our caretaker season, when the Ranch Core Team is absent from the site. This is an ideal opportunity for individuals interested in learning the in's and out's of managing our site and systems.

Dates and Instruction

Start Date Year-Long Apprenticeship: January 16, 2016
End Date Year-Long Apprenticeship: December 16, 2016
Start Date Half-Year Apprenticeship: June 18, 2016
End Date Half-Year Apprenticeship: December 16, 2016

We strongly encourage applicants who are serious about our work and are motivated to be part of our industrious team, working towards solutions for current environmental and social challenges. We offer a unique and focused program based on experiential education and practical skill-building. Our apprenticeship offers specific instruction, course work, and/or project-based learning opportunities in the fields of permaculture, natural building, and homesteading skills. The following topics are often part of our program, but vary year to year in their depth of exposure:

For detailed information on specific instruction, course work, expectations, costs, and how to apply please visit the apprenticeship page of our website.

For any additional information or questions please please contact us directly.

Rancho Mastatal
001 (506) 2200-0920
Ranch Facebook Page


Permaculture Internship at CIRENAS, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

CIRENAS (Centro de Investigaciones de Recursos Naturales y Sociales) is seeking interns to help the permaculture program on its new campus on the Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula (near Sta Teresa) in Costa Rica. CIRENAS is a research and learning center in the Ario watershed that seeks to provide simple and replicable solutions for water management, food security, and healthy ecosystems. Located on a 1,800ha working ranch, CIRENAS demonstrates science-based, regenerative and productive ecological practices for our local community and beyond.

Interns will work with our permaculture team on earthworks, water and waste water management, planting and landscape design, cover crops, tree planting, guild establishment, support species, potential entrepreneurial projects, and trials. Interns are expected to work five hours per day with the permaculture team, Monday-Friday. Saturday is a half-day (2.5 hours). The remainder of the day/week is technically free but interns are encouraged to get involved in other aspects of CIRENAS’s work and/or work on personal projects. The next “class” of interns will begin June 15, 2015 (one month minimum stay, up to three months and potential for longer employment).

For more information and to request an application, please contact CIRENAS requires a brief application, a resume, and two references.

Apprenticeship and Members wanted for forming Intentional Community at Wild Folk Farm==

Farm/Community Description: We, at Wild Folk Farm are seeking to establish an agrarian intentional community in Benton, Maine. Our goal is to transfer the land to communal ownership, either as a corporation or land trust. At this stage, our mission and structure (legal, economic, power) are still developing and incomplete and will remain so until a few more committed pioneers join the creative process.
Presently we have a 45-acre farm in Benton, Maine, which has a strong emphasis on human power, permaculture, and diversified integration. Of the 45 acres, forest comprises 35 acres and 10 are wild pasture; we cultivate 2-3 in annuals and perennials. Our biggest focus in years past has been mixed vegetable production, either going to wholesale or CSA. All annual beds are either currently in or transitioning towards a no-till system, which is strongly reliant on cover cropping, rotations, animal integration, mulching, a diverse array of homemade foliar sprays, prompt, observant and critical management, and faith in the biology below us. Last season we raise annual fruits and vegetables, perennials, sheep, milking goat, layers, meat birds and lowland rice.

Plan for 2014: There should be between 4-8 people living on the farm. We plan to scale back our food production in order to focus on building soils, systems and structures for the years to come. This includes: 1) More buildings (natural and stick frame), 2) Cover cropping and soil fertility, 3) Increasing perennial planting and production, 4) Building a commercial rice paddy and 5) Setting-up social systems for a rice paddy. We will still grow enough food, (plant and animal) for everyone involved and use the same methodologies in our production, though just devote less time to annual food production.

Position Openings: We are searching for passionate people with long and short-term commitments in mind. For potential members we are looking for pioneers with skills and experience in permaculture, sustainable agriculture, forestry, carpentry, natural building, and/or the social/economic tools associated with building a community. We are looking for folks eager to take on more responsibility and management of the operation for years to come.

Apprentices and shorter-term members need not have much experience in those skills mentioned above but should be eager to learn, grow and feel connected with the community during their stay. Many of our systems, soils and such are still forming, so for those interested in gaining skills, creations and formations they can take elsewhere, we feel this could prove to be a great opportunity.

We can offer: 1) full room and board (on site) 2) an environment focused on a diversity of skills, learning and education 3) flexible work arrangements 4) potential for future membership and income. We would prefer to not put much of our budget towards wages/stipends this year, though depending on experience some compensation could be arranged.

The positions are available from May to October (unless you become permanent member). We require a minimum stay of 3 months for apprentices and a two week trial period for everyone.
To apply and for more information go to, or download the form from this site. The link for the questionnaire application on the website is in the "Introduction" section. While the application deadline is February 15, we will begin the application and possible acceptance process February 1.

AppleSeed Permaculture 2013 Fall Internship

In a Nutshell – A three-month internship with AppleSeed Permaculture, a cutting edge regenerative design firm based in the mid-Hudson River Valley of New York, USA. Internship runs from September 1st to November 20th, 2013 and focuses on professional permaculture design and social entrepreneurship. The internship offers full immersion and guided mentoring for everything from computer-aided drafting to deep nature connection. This is a unique opportunity – there’s nothing else like it, period. Interns must be permaculture-trained, hard-working, and self-directed. Three internship positions are available. Application period June 1st - July 15th, 2013. To apply for the Internship, download the application by clicking here and return it to by July 15th, 2013.

Check it out:

Paid Garden Intern position available
The Rye Nature Center in Rye, NY (about 20 mi. north of NYC) is looking for help with our small, newly established permaculture, 3-sisters, raised bed, mushroom, butterfly, rain and container gardens. We are also hoping to convert some of our compromised urban forest (currently filled with wisteria, garlic mustard, etc) into native forest gardens. Our trails are used by children on their way to school every day, so we'd like to offer them an educational (and tasty) experience on their journey. Interested candidates should have experience in a wide variety of gardening techniques, a good eye for design (you'll be given a small plot to design and establish), and enjoy working with both people and plants. The intern will be expected to help teach children at our summer camp about gardening principles and to give the kids hands-on experience. The paid internship is available immediately. Hours are flexible. A NYS background check is required since there will be interaction with our summer campers.
Interested candidates should contact Taro Ietaka at 914-967-5150 or


Paid Internships at western MA certified organic berry farm & commercial kitchen

We manage our farm, honeybees and almost fifty acres of mostly wild woodlands for wildlife and pollinator habitat as well as organically grown products for people. We currently have a Farmer Producer SARE grant that employs permaculture techniques to test whether perennial berries will thrive in early-succession woodlots using a combination of raised beds and high-carbon sheet compost called hugelkultur ( There are two full time positions for the 2013 growing season. They are:

1. Marketing/Sales/Production assistant
Responsibilities include set up & staffing two or more farmers markets per week in eastern & western Ma, assisting in producing value added agricultural products in our new commercial facility, representing the farm and our products at in-store demos, greeting and assisting in farm tours for visitors and PYO customers, and watering and weeding in our two high tunnel greenhouses and berry fields. Stipend to be determined based on applicant and whether room and board is needed. Applicant must be energetic, outgoing, organized, detail oriented, self-directed and possess excellent customer relations skills. Lifting, loading and ability to do field work is physically required. Having a reliable car is necessary but not required.

2. Assistant farm crop production manager
Responsibilities include supervising other interns in field work, seeding cover crops, noting and reporting pests, setting up and monitoring new irrigation systems, construction of trellis systems for high tunnel greenhouses, pruning, trails work and other tasks related to perennial berry crops as required. Applicant must be physically fit, able to work outside in all conditions, mechanically skilled, possess basic carpentry skills and able to work as part of a team and supervise less experienced interns. This position includes room and board and a Ruby888 stipend amount to be determined based on applicant’s experience and abilities. This position could be a long-term position with potential for leasing a portion of the farm for the right person.

Interested parties should send a letter of interest and a brief resume to:
or call Kate Kerivan direct at 413-628-3980

Please Visit Our Website or find us on Facebook for more information about Bug Hill Farm:

Do you know someone interested in food sustainability? Allegheny Mountain School is looking for seven to nine inspiring individuals to participate in our 18 month fully-funded fellowship program.

Allegheny Mountain School (AMS), located in Highland County, VA, is a not-for-profit experiential fellowship program designed to serve our region’s communities in developing a more secure food system. In the spring of 2013, Allegheny Mountain School will assemble its third cohort and we are currently accepting applications for these roles. We are seeking a group of highly curious, hardworking young adults to create a cohesive and cooperative team for living, working, and studying sustainable food systems and community development.

AMS is a two phased program. In Phase I (April 28 – November 1, 2013), AMS Fellows study sustainable food production, land stewardship and community development in an intensive, hands-on, cooperative, experiential learning residency. Work and study both take place on the farm and at community projects in surrounding areas. Workshops and seminars will occur both on and off campus.

In the year following (January 1 -- December 31, 2014), AMS Fellows enter Phase II and work in the service of Partner Organizations in our region and focus on activities such as building community gardens, advocating sustainable land use and teaching nutrition and cooking for a healthy lifestyle. Our vision for this year of service is that each AMS Fellow will have touched the lives of at least ten families in their community through their work. Our goal is to achieve that by building skills to help communities create a vibrant and accessible local food system.

AMS Fellows are provided room and board during Phase I and there are no program fees (other than to apply). AMS provides basic kitchen staples and the Fellows grow much of their own food. At the end of the six months, AMS Fellows receive a $1,000 stipend for successful completion of this portion of the program. During Phase II, Fellows receive a $1,250 monthly stipend for their work for the duration of 12 months and are expected to help build capacity in our Partner Organizations as they share and teach the skills they have learned during their first six months in the program. For more information, visit AMS/| or email us at Allegheny Mountain School is a program of The Highland Center in Monterey VA. You can reach The Highland Center at (540) 468-1922.

D Acres of New Hampshire Permaculture Farm & Educational Trought - Conductor=

Dorchester, New Hampshire

Employment and residential opportunities available. Currently seeking a Hospitality manager to oversee overnite accommodations operations. Tradespeople and international travelers are encouraged to apply. For more information please visit our website at posted 12/25/12

external image landscape-arch-layout.jpg

Advanced Permaculture Internships.

Residential positions with Prospect Rock Permaculture

at Willow Crossing Farm, Johnson, VT May-October 2013.

Prospect Rock Permaculture is excited to announce our residential internship program for permaculture designers, growers, builders, and educators looking to develop professional practice during the growing season of 2012.

We'll have 4 positions this year- each focused on a particular track for professional development:

Food Production/ Plant Animal Systems: This intern will be the point person for our food and medicinal herb production, nursery work, bees, chickens, conservation plantings, wildcrafting, greenhouse management, the plant and animal components of garden and farm design, for clients, etc.

Natural Building/ Earthworks/ Design-Build: This intern will be more focused on building systems- ie. building design, carpentry, timberframing, natural walls and insulation, living roofs, integrated greenhouses, site work and foundations, drainage, earthworks, machines, water systems, energy and waste management systems, etc.

Whole-Systems Design: This intern will be more focused on the client and presentation/ ‘deliverables’ end of the design spectrum- presentation graphics, map making, media generation, landscape analysis, client liaison, etc.

Permaculture Education: This intern will be the point person for educational offerings, the farm workshop series, curriculum development, public presentations, outreach, web and media generation, etc. Ideally, this intern has some of the most experience with the other fields.

While each of these positions will obviously be working in an integrated way on all of these tracks, the ‘focus tracks’ will help us help people develop their skills within a particular focus, and also help with management and task delineation, etc. Ideally, each applicant has already successfully completed a Permaculture Design Certification course (PDC), and has a portfolio of designs and implemented projects.
We have a two-bedroom apartment in a duplex downtown (about 2 miles from the farm), and will be offering housing there and/or camping at our farm. We will also be building some other housing options (including- hopefully- a treehouse), during the summer. The program will run from May- October, although there would be the potential for the right people to stay on longer.
Johnson is a relatively dynamic town for northern VT, home to a smaller state college, an international art school, and nearby a variety of awesome farms, wild places, tourism attractions, and resorts. OUr farm is located at the intersection of the Lamoille River and Vermont's Long Trail, so you could literally boat or hike almost anywhere you'd like right from the farm.
With housing and some meals and produce provided, it is an unpaid internship. However, we are certainly willing to share the proceeds of market sales, educational workshops, and design and building work for clients- relative to interns’ contribution to those income streams.
As for us, we just had our second child, and live between the farm seasonally and a separate apartment in the building downtown. My partner works in the healing arts as an herbalist, massage and yoga therapist, and we’re both very involved as parents. I juggle the farm and my design firm, while teaching evenings at UVM (and with other schools), and run some workshops on our farm. We also host a two-week residential PDC that will be in mid-July this summer.
Please let us know about your interest immediately, and if a particular focus track is resonating with you. I’ll be announcing the formal application process within the next few weeks, applications will be due in mid-February, and I’ll notify those selected in mid-March. Ideally, we’ll be meeting with each of the applicants, so if anything is bringing you to the northeast, please be in touch.
Thanks for checking this out, and please let us know if you have any questions. Please feel free to share with interested friends or relevant networks.
While we are limited in our ability to support just 4 full-time residential interns, we are always willing to set up individual and shorter term apprenticeships to help Permaculture Design Course Graduates develop professional, community-scale skills.
Visit or email for more information, and check out the 'Opportunities Page' for additional details.

Other opportunities:

Botanical Illustrator sought. We are looking for an experience botanical artist with an existing portfolio of biologically accurate drawings to collaborate on a variety of projects.

Willow Crossing Farm Workshop Series: We'll be hosting a variety of workshops this year starting with Apple Pruning on February 18, and will have workshops on Fruit Tree Grafting, Propagation, Nut Production, Spring Development for Gravity Fed Irrigation, Wood-Chip Clay Insulation, Earth Oven Construction, Greenhouse Design, Efficient Irrigation, Winter Vegetable Production, and more! Send an email with your interest of subscribe to to be alerted as calendar details are finalized.

6th Annual Permaculture Design Certification Course with Burlington Permaculture! July 21- August 2. Registrations are already rolling in, reserve your place in the regions longest established independent Permaculture Design Course now. Immersion in Ecological Design and Regenerative Growing, entirely farm-sourced food, at the northeast's only site fully funded by financial permaculture and our own sweat equity. Also available for 5 Credits through the University of Vermont, fully accredited and immediately transferrable to any school. The only fully accredited farm-based permaculture design course in the country!


Internship at Twin Pond Retreat,Center for Wellness and Sustainable Livingin Brookfield,

Twin Pond Retreat, Center for Wellness and Sustainable Living, is a diversified homesteading community and healing center, utilizing holistic approaches to land management, food production, and lifestyle to promote the healing of ourselves, our communities, and our ecosystems.

Internships will be educational and will focus on annual and perennial gardening (food, medicine, and dye plants), animal management, permaculture principles and practices, fiber arts (plant dye gardens, natural plant dyeing, and felting), and event planning/preparation and staffing for Retreat Center.

We are a diversified homestead and we grow nearly all the food which is served here at Twin Pond. We have large vegetable gardens and will be expanding the gardens this Spring. We have fruit trees, nut trees, and edible shrubs throughout the landscape and edible forest garden plantings. We have various plant dye gardens (annual and perennial) and perennial herb and medicine gardens throughout the land as well. We have a greenhouse. We rotationally graze chickens and sometimes sheep in the fields. We raise bees and are experimenting with top bar hives. We offer private wellness retreats, group retreats, a variety of workshops and community events.

Fiber arts is one of our areas of interest, specifically growing and processing plants for natural dye, processing wool from raw fleece to plant dyed felted products. We offer a variety of fiber arts classes. We are in the process of building a bicycle-powered drum carder for carding wool which will be ready by spring!

Tasks will include animal management, feeding, caring for, and moving animals, planting the gardens (vegetable, medicine and dye plants), maintaining, harvesting, and processing things we grow. We believe in being active in our greater community and people who come here to live and work here are involved in a variety of community organizing activities. We encourage interns to get involved in local community organizing through helping with the annual Village-building Convergence as well as ongoing year roundTransitionTownwork. Let us know where your interest in your community lies!

Areas of learning will include:
1. An understanding of permaculture principles and practices applied here at Twin Pond.
2. Growing plants for natural plant dye - cultivation, foraging, harvesting, natural dye process, processing fleece, and felting.
3. Basic Herbal Medicine knowledge - how to grow plants for medicine, their uses, and how to harvest and process plants for medicine.
4. Community organizing skills
5. The daily operation of a retreat center which offers educational workshops and events.

Internship will begin early May and go through mid October. We are looking for 40 hours/week, in exchange for housing in a small cabin. Interns will have access to a three season cabin with a loft and woodstove. Interns facilities include outdoor composting toilets, outdoor shower (compost-powered hot water system), and outdoor kitchen. Basic food staples and cooking facilities will be provided for your use and access to food we grow as well as participation in community meals.

Twin Pond hosts many community events, an Old Time Music Gathering, a Skill Share Convergence, an Apple Cider Community Pressing Party, a Fiber Fest, fiber arts workshops, yoga retreats, and more… We have a beautiful location, nestled among white pines with open fields, forest, extensive gardens, and private lake for swimming. Go to for more information.

Twin Pond is a founding member of the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative, a collective of food and farm businesses in the Brookfieldarea working together to promote the awareness and the value of local food and a sustainable working agricultural community. To learn more, see our website

If you are interested in this unique opportunity please contact for an application or call 802-276-3839.

Cate Hill Orchard is offering our first ever Sing and Farm Internship this spring, from May 28- June 19th 2012. We—Josh Karp and Maria Schumann, the owners of Cate Hill Orchard—met each other through our love of singing, and in particular, our love of songs from the country of Georgia. But since we started farming we scarcely have time to sing anymore, and as our farm has expanded we’re finding we need help to get our spring farm work done. So, we are inviting 6-10 people to join us for three weeks of singing and farming. Many traditional folk songs are agricultural—songs to ask for rain or sun; harvest and planting songs; milking and plowing songs—and we think singing traditional songs in an agricultural setting will bring a whole new level of appreciation for and joy in both the music and the work.

We are a small diverse farm, inspired by permaculture. We grow apples and other fruits and berries in our 5 acre orchard; raise Icelandic sheep for meat, milk, and fiber; and keep honeybees. We are working towards a low input, perennial based agriculture, modeled after nature’s complexity, and where all enterprises are multi-purposed and connected.

Interns will help us with all aspects of farming and homesteading, including haying, wood stacking, sheep shearing, gardening, apple tree mulching, and beekeeping. We’ll mostly sing ancient 3 part songs from the country of Georgia, and will also sing some rounds, Shape Note hymns, and folk songs from Russia and England.

Participants will live with us and our 2 kids in our farmhouse in shared bedrooms, or may tent on our land. For more information, see our website,, or contact us: Josh Karp and Maria Schumann,, (802) 586-2059. No experience with farming or singing is required: just a good ear, a love of music and a willingness to get dirty and work!

Now Hiring!
Part Time Tree Planting Crew
Position begins immediately in Johnson, VT
Must be able and willing to put in a whole day of digging holes.
Interesting multi-purpose permaculture trees. Other learning opportunities abound.
Preference for folks with organic farming, tree ID, design, or building experience.
Camping and eggs provided.

2011 Prospect Rock Permaculture Internships:
Sought: 1-2 interns/ apprentices or couple for intensive Permaculture design, build, and education experience.
You will help with and be supported in:
DESIGN: Analysis, assessment, and whole-site professional permaculture designs for farms, schools, residences, and municipal clients throughout the region. Build skills and experience in client relationships, urban farming and community food security, etc.
EDUCATION: Assist with professional educational programming, help plan, run, and teach multiple Permaculture Design Certification courses, develop public speaking skills, workshops and workshop hosting, lectures and keynotes, and help run an educational farm.
GROWING: Producing food for market, storage, preservation, and (most importantly?) consumption!: organic vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, vines, winter vegetables. etc. cooking class nyc Nursery production, plant breeding, research, and propagation. Poultry care, organic apiculture (beekeeping), and integrated systems. Rice and aquaculture. CREP/ NRCS riparian reforestation and ecological regeneration, EQIP funded high tunnels, pollinator borders, and cover cropping systems. Build Competence with Farm machinery and biodiesel vehicle use, maintenance, and other regenerative tools.
NATURAL BUILDING, FARM INFRASTRUCTURE, AND DESIGN/ BUILD: Design and build Farm infrastructure: Ecological excavation and earthworks, masonry, concrete work, carpentry, natural insulation (strawbale, cob, woodchip clay, etc.), commercial high tunnels and passive solar greenhouses, geodesic domes, root cellars, food processing facilities, pond and paddy construction, alternative energy, water catchment, spring development, irrigation, barns, timber-framing, small homes, etc.
ALSO: Incredibly beautiful Lamoille River waterfront site on the Rail Trail and Long Trail in a vibrant college town, near a resort. Kind people and great community, arts and activism, many other area farms and allied projects, etc. Our farm also hosts practitioners of healing arts, yoga courses, ‘Chef in a Field’ events, etc.
THE SKINNY: We are hoping to find individuals/ a couple who already have some proficiency with one or more of the above skill sets who are looking to compliment them with others to better design, implement, and build regenerative resilent whole systems, and/or making them (and permaculture ethics and principles) more accessible to others by delivering excellent education and community service.
We offer eggs, veggies, rustic housing, travel to projects and events, and countless structured and unstructured learning opportunities in exchange for 20-50 hours a week (it will vary and we try to keep a human pace). There may also be stipends for skilled labour and expertise.
Strong preference for Permaculture Design Course (PDC) graduates or equivalent. (Although there are ample other opportunities to help and learn- please be in touch.) Preference given to Permaculture Teacher Training and/ or Advanced Permaculture course (APDC) graduates. Preference for folks with some farming, design, building, or education experience. Outdoor education, wilderness, ancient skills, youth mentorship, etc. experience a plus. Enthusiasm or expertise with boating, hiking, biking, rock climbing, naturalists, plant ID, storytelling, tracking, original skills, etc. a plus.
Equal opportunity, ALANA, LGBTQF encouraged to apply.
Couples and non-traditional couples encouraged to apply singly or jointly. Some child care may be available (or we can at least share!)
College Credit may be available through home institution.
Thanks for looking and sharing with potentially interested people!

external image flpciCOLOR198x940.jpg

Apprenticeship Program: June 4 through August 11, 2011: Six weeks of classes, field trips, and labor building permaculture sites and preparing our Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) class. Program includes the PDC. Visit for more information. We begin selecting candidates in early March.
PDC Organizing Internship: Interested in teaching permaculture? Do you want to learn what is involved with organizing a permaculture design certification course? The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute would like to invite our alumni and other equally qualified individuals to apply for our 2011 PDC Organizing Internship. Please visit for information about applying by the May 31, 2011 deadline. Phone interviews will be conducted the following week. Applicants will be notified by June 15th.


Febuary 22, 2011

Farmer Apprentice Program at the University of Vermont

The University of Vermont in partnership with the Intervale Center ( has created a 5 month Farmer Apprentice Program. This program provides a hands-on, entrepreneurial approach to sustainable farming. In response to the overwhelming interest in a later summer start to our new Farmer Apprentice Program, we have changed the dates for 2011! To make this opportunity available to more stellar students, we will be condensing our 7 month curriculum into 5 months of intensive farming and learning.
The Farmer Apprentice Program dates will be from (May31-November 4). And, since we have shortened the length of the program, we have also lowered tuition.

This program provides participants the uncommon opportunity to manage their own growing site, take classes from professors and farmers and rotate as workers and learners between successful, diverse farms at the award-winning Intervale Center – a farm and business incubator which Kiplinger's Magazine recently named the "crown jewel of localvores" that is located in the heart of the small, vibrant city of Burlington, VT. Students come away with a Certificate in Sustainable Farming and the skills and knowledge to start their own successful farm business.

Aspiring farmers should attend:
  • Who are looking for a career in sustainable farming or interest in organic practices
  • Who want to create sustainable food systems
  • Who value a comprehensive education in all aspects of the business of farming, including selling and distribution
  • Who want a hands-on “on the farm” experience
  • Who are changing careers to a more environmentally connected profession
  • Who want to live and learn in Vermont about small-scale, diversified farming
To learn more about the program or apply to be a participant, please visit

If you have further questions about the program, please contact, Reese Baker at 802.656.8657 or at

Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape design is a great way to add that perfect touch to your home and to create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere within your backyard.

external image Backyard+Landscape+Design+Ideas.png
If you are looking to landscape your backyard, you will want to begin with a plan. There are several ways that you can create a layout plan for your landscaping ideas. The first way is the simple pen and paper method. If you are a good artist, draw a sketch of your house and yard, as well as what you would like your finished design to look like. This method is, of course, best for those who already have some idea as to what they want.

If you are not an artist, or if you do not know exactly what you are looking to do with your yard, you may consider purchasing some type of landscape design software. Landscaping software can give you a professional looking design, as well as allow you to play around with a variety of different landscaping options. With landscaping software you can add tress, flowers, bushes, waterfalls, or anything else you like, to your photos with ease, allowing you to visually see what your finished design would look like.

You can, of course, hire a professional landscaping service to help generate ideas and to help visualize what your finished product would look like. Professional landscaping services can also help you to create your dream yard, doing all of the manual work so that you don't have to!

Now that we know how to create a plan, let's take a look at some things that you may want to consider when making one. The first thing you will want to consider when making a landscaping design plan is whether or not you would like to create a landscaped theme. Many people focus their backyard on one theme such as a cottage garden theme, or a Japanese theme. Themes help to evoke certain moods within your backyard. When creating a landscape design, you may also want to consider adding certain focal points. Unique plants or trees, water features, and pools are popular choices for focal points.

You will need to learn how to maintain your yard and keep it looking beautiful. To do this, you will want to select plants based on the amount of sun or shade within your backyard. You will also want to keep your soil healthy, promoting growth of your plants. To learn more about the maintenance of your yard, speak to your landscaping professional. If you did not hire a professional, be sure to purchase books regarding the maintenance of lawns and different types of plants.

Start your search for landscaping software program or a landscaping professional today and turn your backyard into your personal oasis!