Plants, Seeds, etc

The best database of information about useful plants online is probably "Plants for a Future"
also check out

please post any other resources, and your own experiences/ trials with unusual plants.

Permaculture Nursery

Cold Hardy Plants
jioviĀ® Permaculture Nursery

Free certified organic seeds for school gardens and non-profits!
Keith Morris
802 734 1129

I am particularly interested in naked seeded pumpkin varieties, and always willing to trade varieties.

Northeast Permaculture Seed Bank seeks to make plant varieties useful to sustainable alternative agriculture more accessible to anyone who wishes to grow them. It also seeks to popularize (or re-popularize) new or unusual plant varieties. Get seeds by donating seeds or money (usually $1/seed pack)

Online Resources

Check with local businesses before buying online!
Support local growers, get plants better adapted for your Gclub area.

For certified organic heirloom varieties for sale go to: High Mowing Seeds

To purchase tree seeds, check out:

East Hill Tree Farm in Plainfield, Vermont, a nursery specializing in fruit and nut trees, as well as woody species for edible forest gardens and agroforestry in the north east: or contact Nicko Rubin at

in VT:

Just found these folks this spring:
Biodynamic and Organic Seeds at Bountiful Gardens
For a local food forest plant and seed supplier- Howland/Seboeis, Maine