Permaculture Design Course - 9 days - Greenfield, NH - June 11 -19, 2008

When: Wed Jun 11 – Thu Jun 19

Where: Southern NH - Plowshare Farm, Greenfield, NH - 30 mi to Nashua, Keene, Manchester; 70 to Boston; 110, Providence; 120, Hartford.

Description: Spring 2008 Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course, with Dick Pierce and a Cast of Local Experts

Includes classroom, field trips, hands-on projects, guest speakers, lodging and meals. Graduates earn a Permaculture Design Certificate for completing the 72-hour course which includes : Intro, Fundamentals, Field Trips, evening Speakers, Design Workshop – each student completes/presents their own design project. Pre-registration required - a $100 deposit will hold your place. Rooms and meals provided; commuters and boarders welcome - please check for details.

It will be beautiful late spring in Southern NH; great field trips/speakers; smaller organic and biodynamic farms/gardens, CSAs, natural building, renewable energy, co-housing, great community – re-foresting the earth, building/rebuilding soil, growing food where people are, a regenerative [agri]culture, long-term sustainability - all the Aims of Permaculture and of people who care deeply their land. Please join us. It's 25-35 miles to Keene, Nashua, Manchester (US-Air), NH; 70 to Boston; 110 to Providence; 120 to Hartford; 230 to NYC. Again,, or, or Dick's cell at 512-992-8858. Thank you.

The class will be conducted by noted Permaculture Instructor, Dick Pierce, and several local experts, practitioners, and long-term students of their land and region. Here is the great line-up:

-Roger Swain, noted gardener, fruit grower, author, and PBS-TV personality,
-Trauger Groh, author of Farms for Tomorrow, a major force in the CSA,
in the US, and Biodynamic farmer and Waldorf School supporter,

-Anthony Graham and Lincoln Geiger of the Temple-Wilton Farm – a large, well-
known, and highly-regarded CSA and Biodynamic farm and dairy.
-Lisa Beaudoin, a Permaculturalist and owner of Herban Living Farm CSA/B&B
-Paul Freeman, a well-known natural/Green builder - specializing in post & beam.
-Karla Allen, a tenured, local land/timber planner and Greenfield’s Town Forester.
-Lew Cadorette, a long-time local logger and woodsman – loves his draft horses,
-Lynn Benander of Co-Op Power, Greenfield, MA – solar water & PV and Bio-Diesel,
-and, Kimberly, Donat, Brad, Mark, and the residents of Plowshare Farm.